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If you missed our CNET SXSW party this evening featuring Delta Spirit and the excellent 1980s cover band The Spazmatics (, well, you should have come. Really no excuse. But here's a poor-quality iPhone video I took.
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I am 25 years old. The people of the same age are enjoying their wonderful love and happy life, however, I feel painful and confused on my road to pursue dreams. Four years ago when I just finished cancer operation, I felt my life had come to an end and the shadow of death makes me hopeless. I stayed in my room and refused to contact with other people. I felt hopeless at that time and my mother always wept for me. During my saddest time, I read a book named I Have a Dream, which is mentioned by President Obama; this book makes me feel hopeful again. The spirit of being brave to struggle and never give up inspired me; and I began to walk out from the room and receive treatment. After one year, I got accepted by university with an excellent grade. Since then, my greatest dream is to have an opportunity to meet President Obama and say thank you personally someday. I want to let him know that he gave me courage and hope. I also want the Chinese students who suffered the same with me to know that your dream will come true if you never give up and search steadfastly.

But it is so difficult to meet him in reality. There is still no result after my four years of struggle. The message can’t be conveyed to America despite my best planning about it in China and the President don’t know my efforts to meet him during the past four years. I have called to the White House for more than 2100 times, sent about 1200 faxes and went to the United States Embassy in China for 215 times in the past four years. The tickets saved amount to 430 pieces and weigh about one Jin. I just pay for the cost by working for others and collecting rubbishes. There are maybe a lot of people who want to meet President Obama, but there are not much people like me insisting for four years without giving up. I firmly believed that he will be certain to meet me after he knows that there is a young student who wants to meet him and has shared his stories to classmates for four years.
Dear friends! I believe there is true love in the world and just my belief of it helped me to find you. There is only 14000 kilometers from my hometown to US Washington; however, this far distance is impossible to keep my firm belief back! Just the dream will make our life even brighter. I had cancer, is now late.I do not know I can be much longer but I do not want to leave this world with this regret.
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