My colleague +Josh Lowensohn and I finished this article a little while ago: it reports on Samsung's request for a new trial and alleging jury misconduct. This is in the Apple patent litigation in San Jose.

Here's an excerpt from Samsung's brief requesting a new trial:

*"Samsung believes that the publicity that will surround this portion of the motion, and the details and legal issues presented here, have the potential to subject all of the jurors to extra-judicial scrutiny and public criticism which they may find unwelcome and intrusive.  Moreover, the integrity of future proceedings on this matter may be compromised by further inquiries from the parties, the media and others, and attendant publicity.  Samsung respectfully requests that in order to protect both the privacy of the jurors and the integrity of the process, that portions of its Rules 50 and 59 Motion, the Estrich Declaration, and Exhibits A-O thereto be sealed, and the parties ordered to have no further contact with any of the jurors until the matters raised by the Rules 50 and 59 Motion have been finally resolved."*

Extra-judicial scrutiny? Public criticism? Self-fulfilling prophecies, I think.
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