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Chrome 21 vs. Firefox 14. OS X Lion with a MacBook Pro Retina. Perhaps not a representative sample of crashes, but I actually use Chrome more:

sh-3.2$ pwd
sh-3.2$ grep "Parent Process" * | colrm 36  43 | grep -i firefox
plugin-container_2012-07-20-201638_crash:Parent Process:  firefox [10790]
plugin-container_2012-07-25-163611_crash:Parent Process:  firefox [24088]
plugin-container_2012-07-25-164947_crash:Parent Process:  firefox [24088]
plugin-container_2012-07-30-223452_crash:Parent Process:  firefox [50425]
plugin-container_2012-08-01-124813_crash:Parent Process:  firefox [266]
plugin-container_2012-08-04-204346_crash:Parent Process:  firefox [53430]
plugin-container_2012-08-05-000253_crash:Parent Process:  firefox [53430]
sh-3.2$ grep "Parent Process" * | colrm 36  43 | grep -i chrome
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Chrome has generally worked better for me of late too.
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