An interesting Google-New York chronology:

1. MARCH: New York senator Chuck Schumer sends out all-but-hysterical press release asking FTC to investigate Google for alleged privacy violations by Android marketplace apps (as if Google didn't have any incentive to work on this on its own!). Schumer complained that it's "not clear whether or how those terms of service are being enforced and monitored."

2. JUNE: Schumer sends out all-but-hysterical press release attached to letter to Larry Page complaining about higher-res images in Google Maps ("criminals could create more complete schematic maps of the power and water grids in the United States!"):

3. OCTOBER: Schumer sends out flattering press release after Google announces an event to get New York small businesses online: "I am thrilled to see that Google is bringing this successful seminar to the tri-state region." "Schumer applauds Google for selecting New York City for these events..."

I wonder if the good senator from New York realizes the incongruity here. Companies would be able to devote more resources to putting small businesses online were it not for expensive and unnecessary distractions in the form of politicians such as, well, him.
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