CyberSitter creator Brian Milburn once tried to (unsuccessfully, I'm happy to say) have the FBI prosecute me and my co-author +Brock Meeks for copyright crimes after we divulged in an article how breathtakingly overbroad his Internet filtering software actually was. One excerpt from CyberSitter's blacklist: "[gay,queer,bisexual][male,men,boy,group,rights,community,activities...]"

(Milburn's email threat to us at the time said: "We will seek felony criminal prosecution under [17 USCS sect 503(a)] of the Copyright Act, and are preparing documentation to submit with the criminal complaint to FBI.")

But I'm sorry to see Milburn being driven nearly out of business, and antagonized as well, by Chinese hackers after he "publicly accused China of appropriating his company’s parental filtering software, CYBERsitter, for a national Internet censoring project":
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