Startups Raising Capital need to remember one thing...

You are not the center of the universe, at least not the investors, and at least not yet....

What sparks this? Another Monday morning, another request for a meeting with "investors" from several startups (AdTech fallout, now we're a week away from the event and suddenly the, "hey I met you at AdTech so I can ask a major favor of you" sets in...;-)

Let me share 2 "What Not to Do's" in raising funding:

1. Show up 24-48 hours before an event and ask for meetings, with no presentation and no understanding of the investor.

Startup mistake here is seeing investors as people waiting to take meetings and looking for a lottery ticket of a deal.

Key Startup Insight

Work to get introductions to angels and investors, get your pitch down, and remember that there are many, many folks like you pitching deals.

2. Going on a trip to a city with investors? Don't ask for introductions when you land, with a short window - that's what the investor would do, if they are willing to meet with you.

They are not sitting around waiting for you, they are trying to sift through many businesses and an introduction goes a long way.

That intro doesn't happen in 24 hours just because you are in the city.

Plan ahead and have meetings staged before an event wherever possible.

Read the article below for much more...
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