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A Modern Primitive

In an empty field with the alpha female
I stand, howling at the moon or the space
the screech of owls and the yelps of coyotes, 
interrupted by the hum of traffic memories
I suckle on in the city.

Her mask reminds me of the myth of wolves;
a pack attacks sheep, cows, or
grandmothers in secluded cabins, 
for a taste of blood.

I hunt and gather a cup of coffee
from the Coleman stove,
her golden brown eyes burrow beneath
my store-bought stomach, 
nuzzling me to raise my snoot to the sky
with her family.

Can I howl with the pack 
alone in the Yolla Bolly wilderness?

My throat scratches primal "wooos"
like a Roman redneck, paganus,
for a chance to join her pack,
answering a coyote's yips and yups
like the canis lupus I'm not.

The community of wolves sing as one,
free of analysis, uninhibited by myths,
solitude, or long, unwinding explanations.
finishing on the same note into total silence.

Air, cold as my concepts, forces me inside
my tent as she stalks the soundscape
Alone in bed, my last howl merges with a snore.
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Yahoo's Business worthless?

" If you're not a business nerd, it's much less likely that you've heard of Alibaba, a major Chinese e-commerce site that combines some of the features of Amazon and eBay for the Chinese market. But Alibaba is headed for an IPO soon and a survey of Wall Street analysts indicates people think it's worth about $168 billion. And Yahoo owns 24 percent of Alibaba.

And before markets opened on the morning of April 17, Yahoo was worth $36.87 billion. Which is to say that when you subtract out the value of Yahoo's stake in Alibaba, the rest of Yahoo is worthless. Indeed, it has negative worth:"
You've almost certainly heard of Yahoo, the once-king of the internet that's been semi-resurrected in the public eye under the stewardship of Marissa Mayer. If you're not a business nerd, it's much...
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Mobile threat to web - interesting take by Chris Dixon, because mobile use is limited to what apps user focus on, with a few winning and the rest left with two gatekeepers, Apple and Google, holding 30% of what they earn. 

Will this limit growth, and innovation, or discourage it? 

"The open architecture of the web led to an incredible era of experimentation. Many startups are controversial when they are first founded.  What if AOL or some other central gatekeeper had controlled the web, and developers had to ask permission to create Google, Youtube, eBay, Paypal, Wikipedia, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Sadly, this is where we’re headed on mobile."
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Declan Dunn

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"The imperfect is our paradise
Note that, in this bitterness, delight,
Since the imperfect is so hot in us,
Lies in flawed words and stubborn sounds.."
Wallace Stevens The Poems of Our Climates 

Like most poetry, read this one out loud and let the meaning pour over you, obtuse at first then quietly awakens. Remember that the poet was an insurance executive, living in a world so planned, and adventuring in words so alluring....being transcends the masks we wear each day.

The Poems of Our Climates 

Clear water in a brilliant bowl,
Pink and white carnations. The light
In the room more like a snowy air,
Reflecting snow. A newly-fallen snow
At the end of winter when afternoons return.
Pink and white carnations – one desires
So much more than that. The day itself
Is simplified: a bowl of white,
Cold, a cold porcelain, low and round,
With nothing more than the carnations there.

Say even that this complete simplicity
Stripped one of all one’s torments, concealed
The evilly compounded, vital I
And made it fresh in a world of white,
A world of clear water, brilliant-edged,
Still one would want more, one would need more,
More than a world of white and snowy scents.

There would still remain the never-resting mind,
So that one would want to escape, come back
To what had been so long composed.
The imperfect is our paradise.
Note that, in this bitterness, delight,
Since the imperfect is so hot in us,
Lies in flawed words and stubborn sounds.
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US leads in so many online revenue categories, but when it comes to mobile, Asia is the place to be...

Asia is the most lucrative app market in the world. 41 percent of the total revenue globally in December 2013 came
from Asia, while North America generated 31 percent and Europe 23 percent.
#whatsapp   #mobilerevenue
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America is not a democracy, we're an oligarchy (wait, that's not new, it's been going on a long time)...

"Despite the seemingly strong empirical support in previous studies for theories of majoritarian democracy, our analyses suggest that majorities of the American public actually have little influence over the policies our government adopts. Americans do enjoy many features 
central to democratic governance, such as regular elections, freedom of speech and association, and a widespread (if still contested) franchise. But we believe that if policymaking is dominated 
by powerful business organizations and a small number of affluent Americans, then America’s claims to being a democratic society are seriously threatened.:
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Declan Dunn

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What do AC electricity, Tesla cars, radio, robotics, remote controls, electric motors, and lasers have in common?

Dreams...."My brain is only a receiver. In the universe there is a core from which we obtain knowledge, strength, inspiration. I have not penetrated into the secrets of this core, but I know it exists." Nikolai Tesla

Tesla was not just an inventor, he boggled people's minds, especially Thomas Edison who gets most of the US credit for electricity. The reason Tesla blew people's minds were not just his inventions, but how he came to invent most things...he received them in his dreams.

Back in this time period, taking advantage of your dream state was not unusual; even Edison tried to copy Tesla's methods, but he couldn't replicate them, because for some reason, Tesla was wired in.

Just like you he was wired in, and likely only slept a few hours a day, and from those dreams came most of his inventions, if not all. Yet most of us are like Edison, letting our egos get in the way of the reception of knowledge.

Reminds me of a poem I wrote a long time ago, with the line:

"I know what I know, because it is known." 

Discoveries are all around us, not just in reality, but in our dreams.

Next time you want to stop sleeping because it interrupts your productivity, remember that not only is it not healthy, you are missing a connection...

To something, inexplicable, ineffable, and amazing. Yes, much of your dreams are stories you are telling yourself to get closure on your days.

Yet in those other dreams - beyond your ego trying to make sense of what happened today - come the most amazing insights, if you choose to remember and honor that place of learning.

Tesla was a scientific thinker, one who tested his theories diligently.

He knew the power of dreams connected him to this core of knowledge, and that his brain is the receiver.

So much of what we learn is trying to make us the projector, which as we all know makes you see only your view of reality. 

Remember you are a receiver, and give yourself time and practice to receive. Going for walks, being quiet, dreaming, and meditation are just some of the ways you can access this...

But the best way is to get out of the way of what you are receiving, leave your ego at the door, and open yourself to the knowledge connecting to you at all times.

Ever read how people like Steve Jobs get their inspirations in a flash of thought, a moment, an epiphany?

These moments are happening every day, if you take yourself out of the way and listen to what is being sent to you, the receiver.

That beautiful Tesla you're driving likely came from a dream a long time ago.

Remember to dream, it's part of your beauty, awake or asleep.
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That day dreaming is what I call thinking.  It helps you build something before you build it.  If you set still long enough, in the quite, you will dose off.
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 “Most people think companies are basically evil. They get a bad rap. And I think that’s somewhat correct,” Page said. “Companies are doing the same incremental thing that they did 50 years ago, 20 years ago. That’s not really what we need. Especially in technology, we need revolutionary change, not incremental change.”
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The Truth About White Flowers In 3 Little Words>>>

Beauty begins inside.

I'm no gardener, but I have flowers all over my yard simply by cleaning it up. Great metaphor for life challenges as well, clean it up and beautiful things have a chance to grow.

When you begin, with a yard like mine not taken care of for 10 years, it's a mess, frustrating, filled with weeds.

Do some cleaning, each year a bit at a time, and let the native plants come back, the ones that were there before neglect and the weeds took over.

Just like a white flower begins with a seed inside the right soil,
beauty begins inside.

Add a little action and wait to you see what surprises you.

For me, it's a yearly thing now, and these flowers are spreading everywhere, because like weeds, beauty can also spread if you give it some help, a little love, and a lot of patience.
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“Before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water 

after enlightenment, chop wood, carry water” –Zen Proverb 

Challenges in life are the best thing that ever happens to you, and it sucks when you're in the middle of them hear this, but that's the point as well.

One of my many major life stumbles (as an entrepreneur, if you haven't had at least one, you will - it's part of the learning) led me to living in a tent for a year, the best I could afford at the time.

After trying so hard and losing it all, all I could see was the problem, It get bugging me, defining me, I couldn't get past it...looking back it's easy to say I blocked it, but then I just was trying to use my anger to get beyond it. Plus how it defined "losing it all" was only in terms of money and possessions, which in reality aren't anything at all, and you can't lose what isn't real.

That approach is doomed to failure, because being angry at what is never gets you past it. I reached out to a friend, complaining about what had happened and my current state with no way out.

He smiled and told me, "This is the best thing that ever happened to you."

Can't tell you how angry that made me, and not being one to hide my feelings, he could see the angry pumping through me like some mad river that in truth, was dry.

So he smiled, and it was knowing his friendship, and that he'd been around the block a few more times than me, that maybe there was something in that I should take to heart.

It wasn't easy, but I began each day trying to look at life that way, and like Yoda says, there's no try there's only do...tell me that back then, suffice to say at least I was trying.

Soon I started finding solutions, not major ones, just baby steps. And from living in that tent, I built a cabin out of cinder block, cement, and wood, something I've never had the skills to do - I could barely nail a nail, but I learned.

And in building that little cabin, which gave me warmth in the winter and shelter, I left the tent. I began doing things, now I'm not going to be a carpenter, but that little cabin helped me then and for 20 years after, something I'm so proud of, because I helped build it with my two hands.

At the same time I was living in my tent, I used this early service called AOL - 1991 to be exact - and I made a living, in my tent, sending research papers via email to a client in San Francisco. I remember having to crank up the generator to do my work, and you only have so much gas to run it, so I kept it focused and got the work done.

That helped me get off the hill - chopping wood, carrying water -- and back to a life I enjoy even more than living away. Yet that time to me really, to this day, is one of the best times of my life, because I found something in the so called abyss facing me.

I found myself, chopping wood and carrying water. Even today, though life is better than living in a tent, I'm still chopping wood and carrying water, when I'm happy or when circumstances make me stressed.

And I remember how this is the best thing that ever happened to me, because it is happening to me, and not just to me, by me. Because when I learned to move beyond this obessession with what was wrong, I began doing things that made it right.

Trust it, remember this, and help someone who's down, challenged by health or finances or emotions. We all have something in this wonderful challenge called life that will push you, prod you, to grow. A smile and a listening ear, like my friend lent me years ago, goes a long way.

Life is like a river washing by you, the rocks in the river, who over time get smoother, have less edges, because the river of life is there to shape you. Fight the current and you get broken, or worst washed up on the dry shore, thirsty for what's in the river you live in. When you ride the river, let it shape you, and know in your heart and being and DNA, that it's there to teach you, you'll find what you're looking for, right in front of your eyes.

Like the saying goes, even with enlightenment, you're chopping wood and carrying water. When you grow to appreciate and love that, and get so much out of what you do, the simple things, the smile a child gives you or the love of family or pets or whatever makes your heart sing.

For me, it was the howl of the wolves, the yip yips of the coyote, the sheer beauty of nature surrounding my tent that I never really noticed in my suburban upbringing. I began awakening to a beauty that though I had seen it, I'd never felt it.

Remember it's still there, always, in good times and bad.

Life is a limited time offer, be sure to get yours before it runs out ;-)
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You learn really quickly that anger doesn't go far in a small tent ;-)

Realizing the potential in any situation, seriously mean it when I said
it was one of the best periods of my life after I let it be...

Thanks for the kind words.
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