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Demise: Ascension
Demise: Ascension - the legacy rpg expansion for the PC
Demise: Ascension - the legacy rpg expansion for the PC

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Ascension News - there will be a mandatory upgrade before December 31, 2011 made available as usual on the MyDemise page. We will try to get a 'beta' version available within a couple of days so we can get some early feedback on the installer from a larger variety of systems than we have here. Those of you actively hunting bugs should upgrade ASAP so we can all be working on the same build (630) ...

... of the changes you will notice, there are differences related to the new Guild training areas: Artisan, Warrior, Paladin, Ninja have been completed and all are now set into the appropriate slot in the Guild Quest sequences and have suitable rewards for the effort. Weapon rebalancing based on forum dialog has been completed. Bug fixes include many 'under the hood' but visible ones that will be helpful include fixing the Guild of Guilds Crest so it recharges properly when you return to town and also fixing the Resurrect spell so HP and Mana are fully charged ... same goes for resurrection at the Morgue. All reported texture issues ( where a character could fall through to a rocky area ) have been corrected also.

This is expected to be the last major revision before the full release, due March 31, 2012.

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