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Debra Trappen
I FIRE people up and LIVE to ignite passion, infuse purpose, and inspire progress!
I FIRE people up and LIVE to ignite passion, infuse purpose, and inspire progress!

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🔥Happy First Fire Up Friday of 2018!🔥

One of my goals is to EMPOWER women + radical entrepreneurs... people who want to make waves of change.
(I tagged some of my fave peeps who rep this mindset!)

If that's you - whether you are building your sassy slice of the galaxy from your couch, car, cubicle, or corner office - I want to help you fire up and into a prosperous life and business beyond your wildest imagination.

To honor this AND to celebrate the first Fire Up Friday and Weekend of 2018 (the perfect time to review the goals you have for the next 12 months) I have created a fab, 44-page guide to help you REFINE + SLAY your goals.

🔥 Grab yours: 🔥

(There is a share + save option that brings the 44-page download's cost down to a $ you will never guess... lol)

My F.I.R.E. Up Your Goals program helps you:

🔥 Review (or choose) your key goals.
🔥 Make sure your goals are aligned with your values.
🔥 Frame your goals to give them LIFE.
🔥 Create a vision board that represents your goals.
...and 7 more moxie-filled tools, truths, and tips!

More info-->

Brokers and Mentors: It's also an excellent guide to use with agents + mentees! I have a webinar that goes along with this... let's talk if you want me to bring it into your org.

💫Ready to SHINE in 2018? Let's start with making sure your goals are the right ones to spark the FIRE in your soul!💫

Put your seatbelt on, download the 44-page guide, and let’s do this.

D 🔥

Take a sneak peek and as a thank you for sharing it with your social connections - save 66% until January 31st!

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🔥Fearlessly Failing Forward🔥

My latest Fire Up! chat with +Vija Williams digs into her fierce, feisty POV of failure... and you don't want to miss it.

Vija shares about her Inman Connect talk last month, what she is passionate about right now, what inspires her, as well as her daily practices and more.

Subscribe/Listen here:

(Not an iTunes user?

Read highlights of our chat:

#FireMeUp11 #FireUp #Podcast
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My latest podcast/blog is UP!



Are You Giving WORDS Too Much Power Over You?

Not too long ago, I decided to stop giving words so much power over me…

I used to get FURIOUS when my brother called me a “chick”. Seriously, I hated it. He could send me into a tailspin. My reply would be: “I am NOT a baby chicken, I am a woman.” He loved how it would get under my skin. I love him. ;)

I wasn’t a fan of being called a “girl” either, but I realized I would call my besties my GIRLfriends while my hubby wasn’t calling his pals “my GUYfriends”. (Let that sink in, Ladies.)

The reality is–> No one really likes being “labeled”, yet we all seek/want/use labels to describe and identify one another. Yep, Reality Bites. (Oh, how I love a good GenX throwback!)

A few weeks ago, during a chat with a friend, this very topic came up. He is a bold, proud black man. Our conversation can be summed up in these words:

Statements like “I don’t see color/gender.” or “We are all one.” are egotistical declarations implying we have to go blind in order to accept each other, our differences are not worthy of speaking to, or worse – they are a negative holding us back. To see and acknowledge an individual’s color/gender doesn’t make you prejudice, it makes you OBSERVANT.

I continue to translate the “labels” people give me as their way of observing how I may be different from those I am standing with in the moment. If I am the only woman on a speaker lineup, the only redhead, the only white woman, the only person in the band who doesn’t play the guitar (darn it, I am working on that!)… well – that is a FACT. If they are mistaken, then I help correct them and make them better. I definitely do my very best NOT to be offended. Being offended is a CHOICE.

For example, it used to really IRK me (honestly, it still does sometimes) when people refer to WOMEN as “GUYS“… Hey, Guys – how’s it going? Now, I work to gently remind others I am NOT a “guy” and (most of the time) they reply with a shocked “I never even thought about the fact that I was calling EVERYONE a “guy”… wow.”

I still have a long way to go, but flipping my perspective on the labels has really helped me make a deeper, more positive impact on my world. I pray this helps you all, as well.

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Happy Monday! Here is my latest #MoxieMemo and blog post for you:

- - - - - - - - - - - -
A friend posted a quote the other day that really spoke to me… it was about how we waste too much time trying to get the wrong people to understand us – specifically, those who already have their minds made up or who have no desire to understand us.

*I thought to myself – how much time have my friends and I wasted chasing after people? *

Most of us can relate... Have you ever sought to get others to understand your situations, perspectives, or experiences... and they just wouldn't listen? Even though they already clearly made up their mind, you kept trying to get them to listen?

Now, I would like to suggest it is the time for a change. Let's flip our focus, step into our leadership armor and instead speak life into those we are meant to do life with - right now.

For me, reasons WHY those people are no longer in my life becomes so crystal clear, IN TIME. They usually needed to go to create margin for the new season in front of me where I would blossom and grow... a season I would not have been brave enough to step into on my own and certainly would not have if they remained in my circle or the situation we went thru did not occur.

As leaders in our communities, workplaces, and homes – let us shine a BOLD LIGHT. Let’s embrace the spirit of inspiring others to reach their potential, supporting them in times of trouble, reflecting and praying over counsel we receive, and always, always listening intently to our beloveds versus shaming them into submission, silence, or seclusion.
{Like this? There is a visual you can pin in the post:}

Friend, you and I have heard this saying – and know it is true: “What you focus on flourishes.”

We also know when people tell us who they are, we need to believe them.

When they show us how they treat people, we need to understand that is how WE will also be treated.

When their pattern is they: seek to understand, are slow to anger, and work through the tough situations – expect this is what you will experience during the trials.

When their pattern is to cut people out of their lives instead of seeking to understand – expect this will happen to you.

If someone doesn’t have a desire to listen or understand, do your best to inform them, but don’t become fixated or force it.

Instead, whether you have been wronged or have wronged – lead forward:

1. Decide not to give up or lose faith in your values or vision.
2. Humble yourself. Be real and ask yourself – what was my part in this? What is MY lesson?
3. Submit to the Spirit for guidance.
4. LISTEN. Ask questions, seek clarity, find a resolution.
5. Be teachable. Please, always embrace the gift of learning and growing!
6. Let God do a work in you.
7. Lead others to do the same. Don’t let your lesson lay dormant and unused.
8. Bless others along the way.
9. Don’t judge others.
10. LOVE and forgive others.
11. Live your BEST LIFE out loud – with joy, dignity, and passion.

Along the way, be sure to intentionally choose your thoughts, words, actions, and connections… and do it WISELY.

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Hooray! Happy Fire Up Friday!
Have fun spreading smiles, sparking kindness, and sprinkling your sass!
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New Post:

Hello, Dearests!

Today, I am fired up and honored to remind you of your greatness.

You are divinely designed for an exquisite purpose. In order to reach that potential, you must embrace loving yourself.

All of you.

"Love the magnificent, vibrant woman you are today. You have invested so much in becoming her and passionately continue to focus embracing your best self every single day!"

When you hear negative thoughts running through your mind - take them captive and replace them with words of affirmation and encouragement.

Take a moment to prepare some I AM statements so you are ready!

Here are some examples to get you started:

🔥 I am radiant, clever, charming, brilliant, and graceful.

🔥 I am Intentionally and lovingly guarding my thoughts. Self-talk directly affects my attitude, progress, and success.

🔥 I am embracing a positive, accepting, and self-loving mindset.

🔥 I am a fearless, crazy dreamer who takes action, speaks truth, embraces my uniqueness and fulfills her purpose!

🔥 I am living a life of gratitude and intention. Today, I am grateful for _____________.

🔥 I am created to serve generously and do it with joy!

🔥 I am ready to attract those I'm meant to serve.

🔥 I am aware of what I desire and attracting it with each thought.

Now, go confidently and passionately out into the world and SLAY!


#quote #quotes #wordstoliveby #quoteoftheday #instagood #wordsofwisdom #instaquote #instadaily #true #instamood #word #inspire #motivate #activate #quotesforwomen #truth #quotesforentrepreneurs #MoxieMemo #FireMeUp11 #FireUp #ladyboss #bossbabe
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I’m excited to be supporting +Katie Lance and the launch of her 1st book - #GetSocialSmart!

Get the inside scoop at her launch party on 4/19!
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Join me on 4/10, in Bellevue, WA, for a Fire Up Workshop!

Grab your ticket and put your seatbelt on... We are going to take your life and business to 11!
Seattle King County REALTORS® will be hosting a d11 Fire Up Workshop on 4/10/17. Join me for this 6-hour (6 CE credits), interactive training experience.


Are you an independent sales professional in real estate, mortgage, title, escrow, insurance, or the network marketing (like LuLaRoe, doTERRA Essential Oils, Rodan + Fields, etc) industries? Maybe you want to be or know someone who is?

If so, I would love to invite you to attend (or share) my upcoming FIRE UP workshop on 4/10/17, in the Seattle/Bellevue area. My events are a mix of learning, networking, and laughter - sprinkled with sass and moxie.

The morning session is packed with exercises to help you define and design the best version of YOU. This helps you build a life and business from a clear, solid foundation!

After we complete this first session, we will focus on how to leverage it to tell your story, create memorable experiences, and REVIEW, SELECT & learn how to ENGAGE ON the best digital platforms for your ideal connection and business!

🔥 You love what you do and want to take it to the next level.
🔥 You are ready to turn your dream of starting your own business into a reality and are not sure where to start.
🔥 You need some clarity on where to spend your resources to attract additional ideal connections and clients.

Again, if you or a loved one is in any of the industries listed above, please join me or share this with them...

I am believing this will be a memorable day of learning, networking, and laughter not to be missed!

SKCR Members - $149.00
Early registration ($119/ticket) ends on 3/27/17
Non-Member - $199.00

**Only Active REALTOR® members of SKCR are eligible to receive Member price via ONLINE registration. If you are a REALTOR® member of another association, you are eligible to receive member price. Please call the Association office at to 425.974.1011 register.

✨ ✨✨ LUNCH and SIX CLOCK HOURS are included! ✨ ✨ ✨

Special thanks to Tina Mitchell of Gateway Mortgage Group for sponsoring our lunch!

Cancellation Policy:
*Pre-registration required. Only Pre-Paid registrants are guaranteed a seat at the workshop.
(Cancellations must be made 24 hours in advance of scheduled class for refund)


Early registration ($119/ticket) ends on 3/27/17
Regular registration ($149/ticket) starts on 3/28/17

Not a REALTOR®? No worries!
Non-member registration $199
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In case you need a gentle reminder:

You are fully equipped
for YOUR purpose.
Now is the time.
Trust God & GO.
You’ve got this.

When we try to figure it out ALL ON OUR OWN, we stall, we struggle, we get discouraged.

When we are STUCK, it is usually because we are trying to fulfill someone else’s purpose.

Take time today to look at what isn’t growing and ask yourself WHY.

I bet you already know the answers…

Now, let go of it. It will feel sooooo good.

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It is time to Fire Up! with +Patricia Young!

Put your seatbelt on… Patricia Ann is one of those women that loves what she does and sprinkles joy every single day. She has been a REALTOR® for 12 years and is known for her positivity and awesome customer service. She loves her hubby, shoes and all that sparkles!

During this show, Patricia Ann and I talk about how to stay POSITIVE in a negative-focused world.

Patricia Ann & Debra’s combined list of things to do to stay positive:

1. Control the amount of negative news you consume.
2. Control the number of negative people in your life.
3. Listen to music.
4. Hangout with your fur babies… dogs, cats, whatever brings you joy!
5. Read the Bible and Pray
6. Practice GRATITUDE.
7. Take a bubble bath.
8. Share and read positive affirmations, books, and interviews.
9. Say hello to people who are not expecting it!
10. Disconnect from tech and social media to recharge.
11. Serve others. Mentor others.

Want to learn more about Mizzzz Patricia Ann?
Check out her answers to some of our fun questions here:
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