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It's #FireMeUp11 Friday!

Spread smiles,
spark kindness and
sprinkle your sass!✨

Go after your day, my friends...


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Hooray!  It's #BreveTV  Day!  

Topic for the conversation +Kelly Mitchell and I are having tonight:
Bullseye on Your Back... Water Cooler Chats Gone Wild - Gossip vs Growth?

Video live at 6pm PT:

Success. We all strive for it whether it be small feats of fab or incredible achievements in work and life. We constantly change goals, morph ourselves into different levels and strive to stand out.
Often our biggest challenge is the little voice in our heads.

What about when your voice is quieted by another louder voice - at the water cooler - when you're not present.

It doesn't matter if it's a co-worker, another professional in your field or someone you used to consider a friend who speaks badly about you or creates problems for a successful person - it hurts.

You are human, so how do you cope?

You are a friend, so how do you support your friends going through the attack?

Video goes LIVE at 6pm PT:
Live Tweet Chat at 6pm PT:

#womenonwine   #womeninbusiness   #womenwednesday   #womeninbiz  
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I was looking for a link to click on, you made me copy and paste on my browser, other might not do it.The link was lost in the text :) Here's the link:
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Tonight's #BreveTV Uncorked! is all about INFLUENCE... and how to influence an influencer. :)

Have you ever been asked to try a product?
Join a brand's #ambassador group?
Share a link or post?

If you answered yes, you are on someone's radar as an #INFLUENCER.

Whether you are "the influencer" or "the someone" asking... This conversation between +Kelly Mitchell and me may inspire you to step up your game and put together something special for the champions in your world!

Video goes LIVE at 6pm PT:

LIVE Tweet CHAT using #BreveTV:

#socialmarketing #influencermarketing
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Happy World Compliment Day, my magnificent friends!

WHO will you compliment today?
How will you compliment them?

I challenge you to give compliments on more than how people "look". Consider empowering their bravery, intelligence, generosity... you get the idea.

Cheers, my friends!

#complimentday #compliments  #f

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Love this +Debra Trappen  Great share!
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The table and mic are TURNED on BreveTV! I will be interviewing +Kelly Mitchell on How to Reinvent Yourself and Your Marketing with Podcasting!

I'm so excited to ask ‪#‎TheCaffeinator‬ (her "stage name" from her podcast Agent Caffeine) to "open HER kimono"... ;)

Not sure what that means? 
Join us here-->

Also, join Kelly and me for a LIVE twitter chat using ‪#‎BreveTV‬.
pssst... Not sure what a twitter chat is? Shoot me a private message... 

Tonight... we are both drinking #PinotNoir... What is in your glass?

#womenonwine   #winewednesday   #wine  
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Meet +Krystal Tingle and hear her story of *The Love Jump*​!

She is a vibrant 30-something who has never been in love... Experience her sass, heart and listen to her aahhhhh-mazing LOVE adventure!

#womeninbusiness #womenonwine #LOVE #breveTV
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Have her in circles
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Did you miss my FIRE UP interview on +Agent Caffeine FUEL for the Real Estate Industry with +Kelly Mitchell?

In this chat I share a fresh perspective on goal setting with specific tips and truths including:

1. Why "framing" your goals makes a difference
2. How choosing your inner circle effects your life/biz goals
3. The most important gift you can give yourself along the way

I would love to know how you keep your goals FIRED UP!  Please share your tips in the comments below...


#goalsetting   #goals  #firemeup11 #agentcaff  
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My interview with +Mikki Kingrey  of Real Results Mentoring on The Inspired Woman Project is up and ready for you!


In this chat, we dig into this question:
How do you attract the right clients or customers to your business?

Blog Recap:

Some will tell you there is a science to it. With just the right colors, logos and pictures you will capture the attention of the most people; and although this may be true, Debra Trappen, founder of d11 consulting, believes it is more important to develop your ‪#‎PersonalBrand‬, by revealing the heart of who you are.

Find out why this actually matters more to the growth of your business than any other element, and how you too can explore this remarkable approach to ‪#‎PersonalBranding‬ by listening to her full interview HERE:

Pin for later:

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The Inspired Woman Project podcast series is designed for busy working women who want to be successful in a way that feels good, make a bigger impact with their work, and enjoy their own unique balance between work and home.

Each interview will offer something women can take away that will support them in living more joy, presence, and their unique definition of success. We'll share stories of women who have used their feelings of stress, anxiety or guilt as a guide to discover what was needed and what that path looked like for them. We will explore feminine leadership and what it takes to create our own definition of success.

‪#‎podcast‬ ‪#‎womeninbusiness‬ ‪#‎womeninbiz‬ #inspiredwomanproject  
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+David Pylyp Is that your answer to the podcast question? ;)
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Happy Monday!

Today's ‪#‎moxiememo‬ is in the form of a video chat with Agent Caffeine​'s Kelly A. Mitchell​... in just 30 minutes!

She invited me on ‪#‎AgentCaff‬ to share 7 tips and tricks to infuse the ‪#‎FireMeUp11‬ concepts into igniting your GOALS. Put your 5-point harness on for this action and idea-packed chat!

When: 3pm PT | 6pm ET

LIVE Twitter CHAT:

Jump in the #agentcaff Twitter chat and ask questions, meet new people and engage... Not sure how to participate in a Twitter chat, send me a private message and I will help!

"See" you at 3pm!

#goals  #goalsetting #fireUP
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Debra Trappen

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Surround yourself with people who lift you UP... not try to tear your dreams down.
Don't let small minds convince you that your dreams are too big.
Don't let small minds convince you that your dreams are too big.
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SO TRUE!  Did you hear about Joel Osteen's sermons about the monkeys and the bananas?
-  The researchers hung a clump on bananas above a pole. 
-  Each time a monkey would almost get to the top for a banana, they'd be doused with a bucket of water.
-  Each monkey tried and each of them got wet.
-  Researchers exchanged out a monkey and put in a new candidate.  When HE tried to go get a banana, all the other monkeys pulled him down so he wouldn't get wet.  He kept trying and trying, but the others kept pulling him down.  Eventually, he just gave up.

Your post is classic.  Our dreams are precious and deserve nurturing and support.  The herd in which we run, are bound by terrain.  We really should learn to fly above it all and soar with the eagles.  THEY don't let the crows, monkeys, or nay-sayers cling to their feet to drag them back to mediocrity!
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In this episode – the table and mic are turned when I get to interview +Kelly Mitchell!

Our Topic: Podcasting: Reinvent Your Marketing #81

Kelly is the queen of reinvention… She has rocked 4 different industries and startup is her middle name. Her story of reinvention using podcasting will inspire you. If you have ever considered launching a podcast of your own – THIS is the episode for you!

Want info about Kelly’s Podcasting Mastermind Program launching soon?  Sign up for details here:

What’s in our #wine glasses?
In Kelly’s glass: Love Noir * Pinot Noir
In Debra’s glass: Savage Grace * Pinot Noir

Share what's in yours, as well as your thoughts on our conversation, using the #BreveTV  hashtag below or join the chatter over on Twitter!

#winewednesday   #womenonwine
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+Richard De Vita thank you! :)
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NEW Post:

Do YOU tell the truth?    Do you WANT the truth?*

A peek into the article:

If a friend fouls (or her toosh does look big in those jeans) do you sugar coat it or tell her what you really think/believe?

It isn’t always FUN and is often uncomfortable to be a truth-teller, but it is ALWAYS worth it.

...It usually hurts to get called out for poor choices, bad attitudes or stale mindsets, so being the person to shine a light on indiscretion isn’t our ideal role in life.  So, what if we look at it differently? What if we flip the description to being “the friend who brings out the BEST in others and inspires greatness – no matter how hard it seems”?

This post share why coming to your "truth table" with an open heart and open mind changes your LIFE for the better - every single time!

Read the post:
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#FireMeUp11 #truth #truthtelling #personalbrand

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