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I am always Amazed that People will sit in a Noisy Stinky car waiting to have Crappy food shoved into a Feedbag that they KNOW is crap
and then Dine in THE CAR
and pay money to do this
LOL I couldn't have said it better +Cefer Dakat.  I am mystified because you are right - most people when they eat there know it's not healthy and yet it doesn't stop them.  It's truly mind bending. 
I rarely eat fast-food. I prefer cooking my own food. 
I changed my eating habits in 2009. I try to only eat organic, locally grown food. It's not always easy but after seeing the Hamburger Museum ( )  and knowing mold & bacteria won't eat fast food - I just say no to it.    Step slowly away from the stuff fried in the same ingredients as silly putty.  It's just wrong. 
The funny thing is
Its not that hard to eat better
and i dosn't have to cost that much more
Buy Ingredients
Not premade SHEEPLE CHOW
i wonder how much business they got that day...
Even if your fast food free..... take a look at your refrigerator.....
Too much onfo about smoking too
yet they line up to pay 6 bucks to commit suicide
one drag at a time
People are strange
+Michele Brown I am very sorry to hear about your loss.  There are so many people out there that just don't pay attention or don't think it will happen to them. We all know someone who is obese and/or has diabetes. It's all around us and the saddest part is that it's mostly preventable. 

I stopped eating crap and really started paying attention to my food in 2009. As a result -  I lost 115 lbs over 18 months. I use to eat fast food at least once if not twice a day. I had to visualize in my mind that what they were offering is not food - but crap.  Once I did that - it made it easy to find it disgusting and avoid it.  Sometimes I wonder if there isn't some addictive chemical thing in the brain in how we respond to sweet, fatty, chemically enhanced food - why else would so many eat this stuff? Not just fast food - but soda's and processed foods too.
Good massage but fact of the matter is people are going to do what they want to do, 4 example cigarettes cause cancer an have been killing people for years, but u know what people still smoke em which is so sad
Sorry +Kit Malone I found it on facebook and then I went looking for specifics.  Unfortunately I haven't found any direct links to McD's or fast food only because in part I believe that would be very hard to specify in a study.  

That being said - I did find that globally an estimated 1.8 million people died from AIDS in 2010. 

And worldwide approx 700,000 people died of Malaria in 2009.

And finally according to WHO in 2008: Overweight and obesity are the fifth leading risk for global deaths. At least 2.8 million adults die each year as a result of being overweight or obese.

So while I'm certain not all of those 2.8 million adults had McDonalds or another fast food chain --- I'm fairly certain a vast majority of them did.

The saddest part is that those 2.8 million deaths could have been prevented simply by changing ones diet.   

The numbers are pretty stunning - even if the years I found don't match up exactly. 
The fuck?  Why are all the stupid people coming over to Google+?  Of course nicotine is naturally in tobacco.
"Helping in reducing the human population " ......... thank u McDonald for this gr8 Noble Cause
+Michele Brown The burden of proof is on the one who makes the claim contrary to the current school of thought.  We know tobacco naturally contains nicotine because humans have been ingesting it for its nicotine since long before we had to ability to identify and separate nicotine from tobacco.  Tobacco would be worthless without nicotine.
+Michele Brown "Nicotine is not naturally in tobacco."  I've proven you wrong, now go spin your uneducated sensationalist bullshit elsewhere.
i think istn't just only nicotine on it, there are many addictive.. so dont make it a big problem, because in generaly the dangereous things is that cigarettes 
+Michele Brown I'm sorry, but there's a difference between having a different opinion and spreading misinformation.  You're a symptom of a growing breed of stupidity, using sensationalism, lies and false conspiracies to spread falsehoods without proper proof.

I'm not name-calling, I'm calling you and your stupidity out, because I'm sick and tired of seeing people lured in with your brand of ignorance.  I was raised to respect and pursue education, and I'll be damned if I won't do my best to help create a world for my posterity that values education the way my family did.

If you want to talk about the dangers of smoking, talk about the proven ill effects of smoking: mouth, throat and lung cancer, hopeless addictions, broken families, tar lung.  If you want to mention those things, I'll gladly back you.  However, spreading made-up stories about how nicotine is something not naturally present in tobacco, and only added in to make it addictive, is a disgusting lie.

Please, I beg you to pursue a life that values truth and education, not snake oil sensationalism.
Yeah because personal responsibility has nothing to do with it at all. 
All the skeptics in this thread are right on the money.  Even if McDonald's food is bad for you, it's grossly disrespectful to AIDS and malaria victims, who usually did not ask for or want their ailment.

Nobody forces you to eat fast food.  Nobody raped you and gave you a mcnugget.  No insect bit you and injected your veins full of milkshake.  Eating fastfood is a lifestyle choice.  AIDS and malaria are life destroyers.
was that made with digital graphics?
cuz i doubt that they would advertise that though it is probably true.
its a challenge for a lot of people to stop eating junk food.
i do eat junk food sometimes but that is usually when i'm rushed or on car trips...
i have got to say john edwards is saying exactly what i was thinking the entire time i was reading these comments. you people are a new kind of stupid.
Fast food has always been about convenience. No one forces anyone to eat it. There is enough research to show its downside, however people are free to choose how they treat their bodies. Alcohol causes more problems than fast food yet the criticism is lacking. Fast food gives you a belly and a bypass but you won't loose your faculties over eating it.
If I could give this a -1 I would. Lack of exercise is what is killing people. Blaming the food is like a bad (insert sport here) player blaming equipment.
+Alexander Priest No offense taken. Good point, I did not think of the warning labels. My thoughts were how we always hear about this food and that soft drink being banned although they do not harm society as much as alcohol does.
Sooooo not true just run every once in a while
"A lazy lifestyle kills more people than AIDS and Malaria combined."  FTFY.
Warning labels are not criticism. They are warnings. You won't see very many commercials, or state sponsored ads criticizing McDonald's or similar fast food giants because of the Veggy Law. Fast food like anything can be unhealthy in excessive quantities an no more unhealthy than over-exercising, or eating too many vitamins. I think these ads are funny, but not worth the skin on anyones back.
Do you really think running "once in a while" will keep people in shape if they eat junk food all the time?
Don't like it? don't buy it.
Well they just made a law that liquids with more than 25 calories in 8 oz may not be served in containers larger than 16 oz in restaurants and fast food places and stuff.
+Patrick Koh are you seriously thinking so simplistic? The point is not the food but the lack of exercise.
Alas, the nanny state system doesn't work.  We have to educate ourselves on the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, but not at the cost of exploiting victims of diseases like AIDS and Malaria.
munju s
moderation is the key
McDonald sell salads and diet coke. People will always make bad decisions no matter what you try...sorry, hamburgers taste great. 
+mya stroker What's wrong with pink slime?  The arguments against pink slime are, again, sensationalist and baseless.  if you don't want to eat mechanically separated meat, that's fine.  However, the process reduces waste, is proven to be safe, and is of course required to be marked when present.
Mechanically separated meat has been in the food supply since the 1960s.  It wasn't a conspiracy or a trade secret.
OK. To compare diseases to a morally questionable business doesn't make sense.

I can only speculate what the OP means here. Screw you for posting this +Debra Roberts , it would take some kind of ignorance to be like "oh shit mcdonalds is killing people!? Like a deadly disease!? Mcdonalds is bad now."

I mean wtf ...?
+Brian S. Exactly.  it's sensationalist.  There are no quoted facts, and the image is meant to evoke "AIDS?  Malaria?  I know those things!  Those are bad things!  McDonald's is even worse than them?  Oh no!".  it's promoting ignorance and completely shifts the blame in the wrong direction.
I think the lack of self control kills people. Not McDonalds
Malaria is caused when a mosquito bits you once, obesity is cause by a human biting over and over and over again. Similar but not the same. 
Well I have eaten McDonalds alot and is still alive without any medical help. But I am sure if I get aids or malaria I will die without medical help. It's not McDonalds that kills people it's over eating of food in general not just McDonalds that kills people. I can't wait to go back home to Cape Town and get myself a nice Cajun chicken burger supersize
yes, people directly die from the intake of mcdonalds. 
I don't see that the post is exploiting malaria and aids deaths but highlighting the very point that all those deaths are not a conscious decision by the victim "I'll have a slow and painful death thanks" but the obeisity/fast food related health issues and deaths, for the most part, are. So many people choosing to knowingly pollute their bodies repeatedly to their demise compared to the staggering numbers still dying of
Aids and malaria is mind boggling and sad in this age of information.
People should continue eating junk food. Dying from cancer and heart disease is called natural selection. It's a natural part of evolution. We can't expect the earth depleting resources to be able to provide us all with healthy food in the future so we had better evolve our bodies to tolerate junk food.
Not eating junk food is like abusing non-prescription antibiotics. It harms all humanity to maybe benefit a few.
It's definitely not the best choice of meals. However, I do grab fast food from time to time and still very healthy. Like with so many thinga I life, moderation is the key!
comon all things in moderation its sooo simple, people should treat Mcdonalds as a reward after a hard weeks work when you dont feel like cooking for the whole family; its not supposed to be a every day thing,  hell its not supposed to be a weekly thing. meat and frying is supposed to be once  or twice a month thing. derrr!!
Really? Meat only once a week even though we evolved by eating meat pretty much whenever we could get it? Meat isn't bad. It's only bad when you put nastiness in it or eat it for every meal. Honestly don't hate the corporation though, hate the people who keep it alive, bro.
nick t
Last time I checked, healthy people who eat fruits and vegetables die and can die young also. Do we know how many people were killed by them?
guess what I ate for lunch. big Mac :P I'm out ;)
is that why i'm dying a slow death, i only weight 220 kg
Wish ppl wouldn t go for junkies any more
Bottom line is. If you love McDonalds, eat it. Meat milk anything, if you love it eat it. Every one will die at some point but not everyone get the chance to really live!
Riz Man
Fast Food should be called Fat Food !
But one can chose to avoid Fast Foods anytime... unfortunately no-one can with AIDS and Malaria.
Only buy it cause its fast and keeps kids passive in back of car
I was 10 years clean until the fillet of fish commercial penetrated every advertising medium
As long as a cheesburger is a dollar, and it tastes decent, McDonald's will always be around. Besides, people die all the time, we need a way to filter them out. I don't plan on being the first person to live forever.
And swimming has killed even more, Should we start raging against that? McDonalds is a personal choice people make. I personally believe that the food they make is horrible, and therefore don't eat it. Some people, however, like it. They should be allowed to enjoy life without someone deciding what they should and should not do.
ooh, I'll take 'facts from my bum' for $200 Alex.
I'm joking of course.
But I do have to agree with +Kit Malone 
This doesn't really help.
+Kit Malone I agree.  I didn't think this posting would get this level of response.  I get what you are saying about  lack of skepticism - I do. And that makes perfect sense, I would definately reconsider posting something like this again, especially after reading some of the very defensive responses. However - after thinking it over - if one or two people think twice about what they eat today because they saw this -- that would be ok with me - even if they decide to eat McD's.   The simple act of thinking & learning about what you are really putting into your body is more than half the battle to feeling good and being healthy. 

And here I thought I fed myself...Damn you McRib!!!
How can they tell a mcd death from someone who is fast food free and eats poorly and doesn't exercise? Just because you don't eat mcd doesn't make you healthier by default. I eat like crap, and am overweight, and but all tests show me healthy as an ox.... Who can eat an ox.
Crappy photoshopped job and no facts to backup that statement.
Mcdonalds is crap in my opinion but..................... I'll have 3 chicken Mayo, medium fries and a medium coke please. Oh! And a couple of apple pies. Ta!