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"The trend in business is consistent wiht the broader loss of interest in blogging among all consumers". Not surprised to hear this, even brands are blogging less. Stats from Pew Research (link in article) worth studying.
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I guess they haven't heard +Matt McGee talk about the dangers of giving up your brand to Facebook.
Knowing when the follow the heard and when not to is key in my experience.
part of the trend to be less thorough in our world. "Give me the info in a sound bite or I don't want it?" I happen to believe that there is still a place for comprehensive reporting.

However, if the brands that are giving up blogs were just dabbling instead of sharing real value, I am all for them giving up their blogs.
Google/Bing just aren't delivering the visitors to the companies blogs, so the companies have to go to where the visitors are -- Facebook and Twitter.
Any company that thinks it has to be one or the other is mistaken. Both can work cohesively in an online initiative and have their place.
Facebook/Twitter have separated the lazy and week from the hard working and strong. Go ahead and give up your blog and email list!
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