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Debra Mastaler
Link Building & Online Marketing Tools
Link Building & Online Marketing Tools


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Added a new post today, How To Use Follow-up Content For Link Building

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Today at 3 pm EST, come join the fun!
Bill and Ammon's Bogus Hangout is a weekly chat and discussion event. The main crew are #SEO and #marketing folks (of some note) but guests come from all sorts of jobs and interests and our discussions may meander onto all sorts of topics.

The norm for discussion shows is to carefully pick guests and topics. That's where this show is most Bogus. This is a casual chat between interesting people and whoever joins is welcomed. Serendipitous chaos is our USP.

Our habit is to simply throw out a few invitations to guests without much (if any) ado, often without asking them in advance, and simply seeing who is free to turn up.

Our uninvited invitations this week go out to +Christine Churchill, +Debra Mastaler, +Kim Krause Berg, and +Sophie Iredale.


Regular crew:
+Bill Slawski-
+Ammon Johns-
+Kristin Drysdale-  
+Terry Van Horne- 
+Jennifer Slegg-  
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