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Debra Fine
Entrepreneur, Angel Investor / Speaker, Journalist, Founder, Fine Line Foundation, Singer/Songwriter
Entrepreneur, Angel Investor / Speaker, Journalist, Founder, Fine Line Foundation, Singer/Songwriter

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Afterglow (a capella) by +Diana Dilee Music.


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Popular YouTube Personality Hannah Hart Features I Have a Dream Foundation - Los Angeles

Thank you so much +Hannah Hart for choosing Dusty's Riders on a day that owner, Sarah Williams was hosting +I Have A Dream Foundation - Los Angeles.

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Charge your USB input devices with solar power

Their "hats deliver charging power to your iPhone, iPod, Android phone and other USB charged Tech devices (GoPro). Charge your phone or maintain your charge while in the sun. As long as the sun shines, you can charge or maintain a charge for your phone or tech accessory. No batteries are included or needed (except the battery in your device). In fact, you can also charge up your auxiliary battery if you want. If you move in and out of the sun, charging will be intermittent. "

"Totally safe technology. In addition to a fun and cool way to charge your devices, the SOLSOL hat also lets you make a small contribution toward reducing our carbon footprint. Let natural sunlight and our LXTSOL proprietary electronic power regulator deliver clean power to your tech products.

Join SOLSOL and be a part of the Solar Power Revolution. You will be a real hit when people see your cool new SOLSOL hat. "

Technical Specifications:
Maximum Power at STC (Pmax) - 1.45 W
Optimum Operating Voltage (Vmp) - 5.2V
Optimum Operating Current (Imp) - 125mA - 350mA

Compatibility : For iPod and iPhone 5, 6, and 6S Android Smart Phones (MicroUSB Connector Models) Supports 5V input Charging with MicroUSB Connector devices

#solarpower #microUSB #sustainability

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Hire a Scrapper

Great #TEDTalk by HR Director Regina Hartley.

Hartley explains why it is important to give a chance to the candidate who had to struggle to overcome obstacles in life during the hiring process by interviewing them.

Her explanation of her own history as a "scrapper" will capture you.

Most importantly you will see why candidates with backgrounds like the Dreamer students supported by +I Have A Dream Foundation - Los Angeles might be the very best hire for you. Words like "scrapper" and "grit" which Regina Hartley uses in reference to best practice recruitment strategy are qualities essential to the success of our IHADLA Dreamer students.

Image is Silver Spoon candidate vs Scrapper.

#recruiting #hiring #interview

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Towards a Sustainable Supply of Rare Earth Elements in America

In an effort to help develop a sustainable domestic supply of rare earth elements and lessen the United States' dependence on China for materials that are vital to the production of electronics, wind turbines, and many other technologies, two researchers at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) have developed a method of extracting rare earths from the drive units and motors of discarded electric and hybrid cars.

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Awareness of Los Angeles Justice System Care of Mentally Ill Inmates Improves

#jail   #losangeles   #mentalhealthawareness   #mentalillness  

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STEAM and STEM programs are so important for teens. Especially when they are from underserved communities and schools. So happy that we have the opportunity to provide this enrichment for our +"I Have a Dream" Foundation - Los Angeles Dreamer students. 
STEAM Summer Program Making a Difference for our Inglewood Dreamer Students

IHADLA Inglewood Program 16 and 17 Dreamers have completed their annual Summer Program! During the 5-week long program, Dreamers maintain what they have learned throughout the school year and are also exposed to new skills. +Daisy Zurita, an undergraduate volunteer from the University of California, Santa Cruz, has been teaching the Dreamers technology skills, such as HTML and web design, on new MacBook Pro computers that were generously donated by Women Helping Youth. Daisy’s overarching goal in helping the Dreamers develop their technology skills is to provide them with a personally-constructed digital profile that documents extracurricular activities, test scores (SAT/ACT, and when taken), as well as the college requirements required to apply to a 4-year university – all accessible through a web browser. She hopes that this will inspire all Dreamers to consider majoring in computer science or programming in the future, or any other STEAM-oriented field.

STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics. That’s STEM plus the Arts. Remember that Steve Jobs studied calligraphy. Design is an important part of these related pursuits.

Thank you so much to Women Helping Youth for the new MacBook Pro Computers!

Being from the Greater Los Angeles Area, Daisy was inspired to reach out to her community and found IHADLA. She says that, “The organization brings so much enrichment to the local community, and also helps the Dreamers develop a new skill in the process.” She looks forward to working with students in the future, as well as returning to volunteer with IHADLA again.

What have you been teaching the Dreamers?
The overarching theme of what I’ve been teaching the Dreamers is Hyper Text Markup Language. The final outcome of the course is to have them leave with an HTML code that opens as a personal profile which will help them keep track of extra curricular activities, test scores (eg. SATs) and college requirements needed to apply to a four-year university. The Dreamers were awarded 20 brand new MacBook Pros, so to start I taught the Dreamers how to transition from a PC to Mac by using the applications that are available with a MacBook Pro, such as Pages (which is similar to Microsoft Word) and Keynote (which is similar to Microsoft Power Point), as well as reviewing their typing skills.

Why did you choose to teach this?
I chose to teach HTML to the Dreamers to provide a technological aspect to their summer program. Also, to boost career development in the growing field of technology. By teaching the Dreamers HTML I hope to achieve an increased amount of interest for computer science/programming.

How do you think this is benefitting the Dreamers and IHADLA as a whole?
I believe that this is benefitting the Dreamers by knowing how to use the resources they have available to them. I also think that learning the basics of HTML is beneficial to Dreamers in order to start feeling comfortable around computers, how they work, and how websites function. For IHADLA as a whole, I think the course is beneficial because it adds to the Summer Program’s goal of directing the Dreamers to strive for higher education.

What is the best part about being involved with IHADLA?
The best part of being involved with IHADLA is having the experience to work with organization that brings so much enrichment to the local community and seeing the Dreamers develop a new skill. At the beginning of the course I noticed that a lot of Dreamers were intimidated by their new laptops and hearing the abbreviation “HTML,” but now that they have grasped the essentials of working with HTML they get excited opening up the HTML file to see all of their coding has created something. I love the fact that I get to work the Dreamers hands on and provide them with skills that would probably not be taught during the regular school year.

What have you learned about nonprofits? About program management?
I’ve learned that in the nonprofit realm a lot is tied around communication, teamwork and fundraising. Communication is essential and goes hand in hand with teamwork. I like knowing that there was always someone I could go to that there was always someone happy and excited to help. Fundraising is something that is crucial to keep wonderful programs such as IHADLA running and aiding students in need. I learned that fundraising is both challenging and overall rewarding. Project management, I’ve learned, is something that takes time and flexibility. When I started planning for the Summer Program I knew the outline of the kind of lessons I’d be teaching. This, of course, took a lot of time and research in deciding what would be best for the Dreamers. However, being flexible is something that I feel was important when executing the lessons. From having a fluctuating amount of students to accommodating each of their learning paces, being flexible and willing to work around minor issues is what kept my workshops running smoothly.

Would you return to intern or do something similar next summer?
I would absolutely intern or do something similar to this project next summer.

#STEAM   #STEM   #losangeles   #education   #nonprofit   #teens   #IHADLA  
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