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Debra Feldman
Executive Talent Agent: Networker,Matchmaker & Sleuth
Executive Talent Agent: Networker,Matchmaker & Sleuth

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Reminds me of what I learned in kindergarten, Don't miss these reminders about how to protect your #reputation

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Call a contact who needs to hear from you! Before Thanksgiving,is an ideal time to be in touch. #networkpurposefully

#Reputation is the echo you leave in the room; it’s what people say about you when you’re not there.You'd better know v.@fastco

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The best negotiator in 1st 5 minute makes winner. Don't invite your opponents into the winner's circle. 

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Who would you rather buy from, a merchant that takes time to understand your needs and gives you personal attention or an anonymous retailer that competes on price alone? Networkers, that's why you must customize your correspondence to get a response. Don't blast out your resume/cover letter. Better to focus on 6-12 strong connections that will exponentially generate additional leads over time.Start developing relationships now in anticipation of being in job search mode again.#planahead

I've got a secret for all job seekers. If an opening is on any list anywhere, the lead is not exclusive info. Don't pay for it #scam

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Are you frustrated being #2 for the job offer?How to end the trend. Be the ideal candidate.

So true! You must remember that it’s not just the people above, it’s the people all around you who create that network you and they rely on.

Hidden Job Market Secret: Before interacting ( phone, in person, email, other) with any contact at any firm, Don’t rely on a professional bio on an employer’s website or simply what shows on a LI profile. Google their name, learn as much as you can from public sources or talk to someone who knows them or may know of them (same neighborhood, shared employment history) 3rd party connection may have useful insights;get lucky if they volunteer to recommend/introduce you which will enhance your credibility and improve chances that the desired contact will be open to a conversation with you.

A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for." #quote
-- John Shedd, What's the fun if you don't push the limits?
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