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Enjoying the exploration of x-rays with this creative process! #xray   #preschool   #activities   #exploration  
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What it is like to paint with a two year old! #painting   #twoyearold   #preschool  
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Exploring some colorful fun with musical notes! #music   #art   #notes   #colors   #preschool  
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Exploring shapes through this simple process of creating paper towel shape art! #papertowel   #art   #shape   #color   #preschool  
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A wonderful book and experience in storytelling and easel painting! #easel   #painting   #childrensbooks   #blue  
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Have her in circles
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Butterflies all around the classroom! #nature   #butterfly   #insects   #preschool  
Spring is a wonderful time to explore butterflies and their life cycles! Today I am sharing some great ways to learn about butterflies all around the classroom...
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Deborah Stewart

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Hi there. I was just wondering if this is your website too?
Ha! Not what you think! I am talking about a much cooler Face book :) 1. Find an old notebook with at least 10 sheets or more still inside. 2. Cut the paper into three identical strips, leaving it attached to the spira...
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Sorry I ask this because your child's photo is there too.
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 A fun way to blend music and art! #painting   #xylophone   #music   #art  
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Make your own sponge block waterplay puzzles! #waterplay   #puzzles   #sponge  
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What a great use for sponges!
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A fun way to promote drawing skills using our pizza toss drawing game! #drawing   #game   #pizza   #preschool  
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Kids need art in their early years. Hopefully they'll take beyond their early years for a full filled life.
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Have her in circles
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I'll admit that I was a bit worried that I wouldn't have as many activities for this week's color since we are usually surrounded by more co

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One of the beautiful aspects of undertaking learning activities outside, is that interdisciplinary learning becomes the norm rather than the

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Promoting excellence in early childhood education both in the preschool classroom and at home!

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Pretty pink and blue car painting in preschoolPretty pink and blue car p...

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Handprint turkeys in preschoolHandprint turkeys in preschool

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