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I am excited about my upcoming workshop! Check the details below.

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April fitness classes registration open!

Word for the day: backup. I deleted the database on my blog ( this morning, thereby deleting my blog! After a few choice expletives, I contacted my webhost support and calmed down, remembering that I do daily backups. I was able to restore with 1 click. Whew!  

Now, WHY I deleted the database is another story. There is, apparently a bug in Softaculous that puts duplicate versions of WordPress updates on the installation list. Seeing I had 2 copies of 4.1 or something, I deleted one of them. Even though it wasn't the latest version I had installed it messed up my site. 

If I didn't have backups I would be much unhappier right now.

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My latest blog post: ever feel like you are spinning your wheels and keep having to learn the same lesson over and over? This morning I am now going to tear myself away from the computer and take the time for me.

Did anyone using Wordpress have problems after the recent update (not the one a few days ago)? 1 lost the themes on two of my websites. I think from now on I am only using themes I've bought. Still no guarantee but one hopes the issues will be handled promptly.

Another WP update is out and I am holding off!

Progress with my Asus Transformer: I have figured out most of the functioning of my new tablet and slowly making the transition to working on it (though it must be said that I have been spending time playing games: it takes me back to my pinball machine days).

But today I am trying to get Hootsuite to work. Question is, is it not working on my tablet or is it just not working?

And, being an Android device, of course G+ is working perfectly!
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