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Deborah L Gabriel
My mission here on planet Earth is fostering the evolution of consciousness
My mission here on planet Earth is fostering the evolution of consciousness


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so true.

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Kindness is a language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.

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Take a break and indulge 


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Non-Virtual Reality
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"When you give out through your heart, it comes back 10 fold"

Take a minute break and put some compassion into your life

And anybody going to the Florida Keys should stop by this hospital.:)

Thanks to +Paul Simbeck-Hampson for the share

Watch Bette and Richie from +The Turtle Hospital fix a turtle's shell with a little help from #GoogleSearch 

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I just love this original poem by a new circle member, +Terry Oneil P 

This poem wrote recently it's called NEED VERSUS GREED.
To have consumes the many.
In each and every land.
To those that dont have any.
They refuse a helping hand.

There are those,that live in Havington.
Pursue at any cost.
Pure souls that dwell in Givington.
Share until all is lost.

I have lived a lot of life now.
And seen so many need.
And never,will I understand how.
So many thrive on greed !

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What a Happy way to wind down on a beautiful Palm Sunday.

And it is probably one of the best marketing videos for animal lovers like myself and lot of you out there (or in here):)


#animallovers   #petadoption  

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This is such a soothing video, visually and auditorily, depicitng the cosmos in spirals

Even if you are not watching, wonderful uplifting background music


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Creativity is yours.

h/t +Paul Biedermann 

12 Most Pervasive Lies About Creativity

"I wish I was creative as that guy. I could never be as creative as her. I’m not creative.

These are statements heard around the world on any given day. But what does it actually mean to be creative or have creativity? What does the word “creativity” mean?

The masses have marginalized this word into a crystal goblet for the chosen few. Creativity is not a crystal goblet. This is a lie."

 via Lindsay Price for +12 Most 
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Photo credit: Big Stock Photos

Just in case you have missed this from  +martin shervington . His circle shares always bring interesting, engaging people.

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This is a great visual reminder of of the little things that make work and life in general more enjoyable.

And they all boil down to doing little things for others.

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