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Deborah Garvin
Experience, Excellence and Ethics in Mortgage Financing
Experience, Excellence and Ethics in Mortgage Financing
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I love renovation financing! The opportunities for creating your Dream Home are endless. There are several mortgage products that can be used to meet your personal situation and goals.

This Collection will be about the How's, Why's and Where's of renovation financing. The focus will be on understanding the process and possibilities. I look forward to sharing knowledge and answering your questions.

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March 5th was the first anniversary of my beautiful daughter, Samantha, passing. I still feel numb most of the time. However, last week I found, and listened to, a voice message she left me not long before she left this world. Hearing her voice again was Heavenly...and Devastating. I hit the floor again. I have kept it, but I will need time to listen to it again. I don't even need to ask. I know I will never be the same again.
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