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So true .. /sad face
Did you watch Firefly in the last fortnight? How about The Voice? Why do TV execs continue to shove rubbish down the throats of the masses while squashing the quality programming that people enjoy?

Maybe because they can't track quality programming properly, due to the internet?
TV executives in charge of programming should wake up and smell the internet.
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yeah I can think of a few as well that make me sad to lose. Things like Carnivale which came out the same time as lost and was pushed to the wayside in time for lost to turn into pure rubbish. bleh..
Ah so you didn't get past the 1st walking dead with the horse eating?

I'm a fan of hbo as well, I'm not usually 'loyal' about a tv channel but they make some great and risky shows, firefly should have been with them, they know how to treat a lady! 
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