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Leave it to +Neiman Marcus to always be on the cutting edge of what’s new and happening. They’ve always got gorgeous quality brands and the latest styles such as these fun pom pom adorned shoes. Get more details on my outfit here: #neimanmarcus
I’m a pretty classic dresser, but I always like to include a modern twist. Shoes and accessories are where I really like to have a lot of fun. So today I’m partnering with Neiman Marcus to walk you through a fun new fall trend- The Adorned Shoe. Leave it to Neiman Marcus to always be...
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If you like getting together with your girlfriends, you know much fun and relaxing it can be...and how important it is to wear something cute, casual and a little bit sexy!
What do you wear to look pulled together and not overdone on a Girls' Night Out? Here are a couple of ideas.
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This fall, it’s all about colors that communicate stability and reassurance. At the top of the list is Warm Taupe, a cozy beige that is grounded in nature.
This fall, it’s all about colors that communicate stability and reassurance. You’re going to see a lot of earth tones, like copper, rust, green, and burgundy, plus a handful of calming neutrals. At the top of the list is Warm Taupe, a cozy beige that is grounded in nature. Dress | Eyeshadow | Loafers |...
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Many of you have asked for a quick and easy way to dump the frump and look fabulous in a casual, classy way. Have you tried a long, cozy cardigan? #fallfashion   #styleover40  
Tuck away any short, dainty, button-up sweaters you've been wearing and go buy yourself a nice, long, cozy, fall cardigan. Long cardigans that are slightly oversized and have texture, weight, pattern and flow are where it's at this fall.
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Have you put away all your white clothes yet, or are you wondering if you can wear white pants after labor day? #styleover40   #over40fashion   #fashion   #fashionblog  
There is a strong rule we have all grown up with, "No white after Labor Day"... but rules are made to be broken! Here my take on it: If you live in Florida, Southern California or tropical country or climate, you are good to keep wearing white! If you live on the Upper East Coast, Mid-West, or any area with a colder climate, you need to put your white away. White t-shirts are great all year long!
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Check out these 40 and 50+ Instagrammers who dispel that myth that once you hit a certain age, it’s time to chop your hair. #hair #hairstyles #styleover40 #over40style
Long hair over 40- It’s aging, right? At least that’s what we’ve always been told. Check out these 40 and 50+ Instagrammers who dispel that myth that once you hit a certain age, it’s time for the chop. @therichlifeinwinecountry Adrienne is a lifestyle and travel blogger living in California’s picturesque wine country. Her soft,...
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Here’s a look at some new ideas for how to wear jeans at 40, 50 and beyond.
Now and then it’s good to take a second look at something we wear all the time. Take jeans, for example. Have you fallen into the rut wearing the same type of top with your jeans over and over, or have you been wearing one style of jeans for the last five years? If so, it’s...
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A poncho is all you need to perk up your typical fall uniform. #fallfashion   #falltrends   #poncho  
The easiest way to take your jeans from average to awesome is to throw on a cozy poncho. Ponchos are the perfect topper when the weather is up and down and it feels too warm for a coat.
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I’m super excited to be collaborating with three fabulous blogger friends today: +Jo-Lynne Shane +Cyndi Spivey and Cathy from The Middle Page. #styleover40   #fallfashion   #falltrends  
Hi Ladies! I’m super excited to be collaborating with three fabulous blogger friends: Jo-Lynne from Jo-Lynne Shane, Cyndi from Grace + Beauty and Cathy from The Middle Page. Ankle booties are such a key fall wardrobe staple that today we’re bringing you 4 different ways to wear them. Take a look at my outfit, and then pop over to their blogs to...
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10 beautiful long, gray-haired Instagrammers who celebrate being a Silver Fox. #hair #hairover40  #instagramers  
Last week, I posted inspiring photos of 40 and 50+ bloggers with long, flowing manes. Everyone loved them, and a few of you wrote in to ask, ” Where are the Silver Haired lovelies?” Today I bring you 10 beautiful gray-haired Instagrammers who celebrate being a Silver Fox. @yazemeenah Yazmeenah Rossi is a 60-year-old model from Malibu,...
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Heading to Vegas? Here's what to pack for your getaway in Sin City. #styleover40   #fashionover40   #fabulousafter40   #travel  
Las Vegas is one of those surreal places. It's like walking around in a dreamland because life goes on 24 hours a day, and most of the buildings have no windows so you lose track of day and night
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Slimming swimsuits you'll be thrilled to wear.
So many of us are so terrified of looking fat in a swim suit that it becomes the one piece of clothing we put off buying, indefinitely. The whole swimsuit thing becomes a vicious circle. When the time comes that you actually need one (i.e.: you are invited to a friends’ pool or cottage) you end up dragging out some boring old bathing suit you’ve have had in your closet for years. How frumpy does that make you feel? Buying swimsuit that flatters y...
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Deborah Boland is the Founder of - Tweak Your Chic for Ageless Style. She is also an award winning TV producer/host, author and certified image consultant.
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