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Deborah Blake Dempsey
Storyteller ~ of Tales and Tails
Storyteller ~ of Tales and Tails

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People always tell you to believe the actions/words of others when they show you who they are. If the actions/words are repeated time and again, and each time you are uncomfortable with them, ask yourself if who you think they are is true . . .or is it that you want that person to be different than they actually are.

I understand people want “different” when it comes to their politics, but just because different showed up, we need to assess if that is truly the type of difference we and the world needs, or are we rushing for something different swiftly and blindly. The saying “act in haste, repent in leisure” is truer now than ever before. We need to engage in the development of ideas of what the “new and different” requirements are and work to develop the most optimal and viable options for the future. This is not the time for mistakes.

At the end of the day, we all want the same thing, but it’s the roads we take to get there that are different.

Every time the ceiling is cracked, the Universe fist pumps itself. I wonder what it will do when the ceiling disintegrates.
#humanity #progress #peoplepower

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My awesome friend, author, roofer, squirrel-whisperer Gennita Low is at it again. A new novel has burst on the scene. No Protection is a rousing ride with hot men and the sexy women who make life more interesting. Check her out! #romancenovel #suspense

A storm is brewing. I love thunderstorms. It is the best invitation to grab a book off the shelf (perhaps I won't look to see what it is!) and read. But first, I must finish the work day.

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Disenchanted in this Time of Humanity
In the shadow of a calling I found myself...              
            Disenchanted, but still
holding the Light high. Musical Moment ~ “Bulgarian Melody” Deep Forest This video is re-surfacing after  the  Alton Sterling,  Philander  C...

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Killings, Retaliations, and Heartbreak
In the shadow of a calling I
found myself...        
                  ...Heartbroken   Musical Moment ~ “Birdsong" Mother
Nature (as heard from my office) I am disappointed in us humans.
Heartbroken at the loss of lives and fearful of...

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The Power of Diversity
In the shadow of a calling I
found myself...        
                  Winter is hard and  harsh so that I can deeply appreciate the other seasons and find myself through the snow. Musical Moment ~ “ One Mo' Time " Queen Latifah As a l...

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To learn about yourself is the most important knowledge you can obtain.

I wish for you a sweet moment of reflection on your last 365 days in the year 2015. All of those lovely moments...and the not so lovely ones. May your reflections show you the glory of life even among the crazy days, the horrible news stories, the sadness's of loved ones and strangers, the eye opening moments of seeing those you thought you knew in a different way - whether for good or not so good. May you embrace all this knowledge and move forward better spirits. Say a heartfelt THANK YOU for making it through this year. Not all of us did. 

For 2016, I wish you an amazing year filled with your deepest hopes and wishes fulfilled. May you use the knowledge you learned in 2015 - and all the years before that - to your advantage and live in wisdom, kindness, openness, and (the easiest and hardest thing to do) unconditional love. May all the things you've wanted to accomplish and adventures you've wanted to undertake be jumped into with the unencumbered enthusiasm of your younger, freer self, and I truly hope from the deepest part of my soul that you experience the deepest levels of love imaginable. 

Best and Happy, Happy, Happy New Year!
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