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I had to slow things down a bit. So circle cleaning went slightly awry.
What I did not plan on doing was deleting so many! I really must learn to read before I click.

Okay - so back through my stream to find the shared circles and start over with a few.

Greetings, Giggleplus - it's Sunday!
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I may the cut.....................amazed
If you have a circle of writers who share writing, please share it! Not so interested in photos, movies, or such.
I'll have to go back and see who went where, April, I have a LOT of writers circled...
I thought maybe you had one good circle, or two. Have fun!
At one time, I had them all separated by who did what - then I grouped a few into other circles...about a week later moved some more...
So now, I lost my Writers, Painters and Musicians moved into other places.
But - Some of them are pretty solid about their writing, so gimme a couple of days and I'll have some names for you!
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