Just finished up this HOA w/    +Eric Enge +martin shervington +Ronnie Bincer  and +Mark Traphagen . Upon first review of my notes, a few of my takeaways (and timestamps): 

02:58 - (Martin) Google is a social layer and G+ is a social destination 
05:50 - (Mark) G+ for increasing reach and maximizing connectivity 
08:12  - (Ronnie) - Where are all my friends? His advice: to get started look for the "what" rather than the "who"  
15:45  - (Eric) People may be intimidated because they're not an expert yet.  His advice: ask anything; you'll find an overwhelming sense of being welcomed. 
19:24 - (Ronnie) Posting versus the power of listening. 
21:50 - (Martin) "If a post falls in a stream and there's no one to see it, it doesn't make a splash." 
24:05 - (Eric) Don't just share; add thoughtful (emphasis on "thoughtful") commentary. 
34:36 - (Mark) The power of this network goes beyond G+. Not everyone is here to market something. 
41:57 - (Mark) Explains "Passing PageRank" 
46:40 - (Martin) The topic of semantics - the "who", sentiment, and the ability to track this activity 

There's lots more.  Have a listen!
Want to become a Master of Google Plus?

The YT Link for the show is: Rocking Google+ With Martin Shervington

Here is your chance to learn from a true Master: +martin shervington.  Watch as we discuss the ways to totally "blow it out" on G+.  This HOA will be loaded with Pro Tips, and it should be a rocking good time.

Also joining us will be +Mark Traphagen and +Ronnie Bincer!

The next episode of The Digital Marketing Excellence Show will air on Thursday November 7th at 10:30 AM ET (Boston time).

The live broadcast YouTube link will will be added to the event invite a few minutes before go live time.  Don't miss the opportunity to learn from one of the best!
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