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It's all about communication.
It's all about communication.

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I'm going to bed . . . sad, and with a heavy heart.

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As I recall, the last time I partnered with +Russ Worthington, we were THE WINNERS! But, it's not just about the winning ... really ... it's about hanging out and having fun with Russ, +Michael Daniels +Andrew Hatchett and +Heather Kraafter. And then of course, there's the after-show party.

Looking forward to seeing the whole gang! (We'll miss you +Terry Leigh Britton, but we know you'll be there in spirit.)
Do I need to say more?
Ok I will
+Heather Kraafter and +Andrew Hatchett
go against
+Debi Davis and +Russ Worthington
10 pm Eastern time Friday 6/10/2016
Click Link above!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! or here:

I am sure we will see:
+Sheila Hensley +Bill Graham and +Mark Barrus or even +Phil Bowyer and +Kate Bowyer . Maybe +Michael Thomas and +Richard Clarkson. Could see +Sylvia Tabor and +Kim Armstrong +Rhonda Wall +Betty-Lu .Burton or maybe +DearMYRTLE will come watch her cousin Russ.
Maybe +Michele De Socio or +Sandra VanSickle , +John Jurkiewicz and +John Brown or +Lon McClure is sure to come by for a bit. Blast from the past of +roxanne davenport might even show. +Susan Finch and +Lany Sullivan have been contestants but let's see about being in the audience. How about +CeeCee's Creations CeeCee or +Sandy Barnett and +Meloney Hall

I know I left someone off, come be a regular! 

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This eBook is a well-written quick read for anyone looking to put together a comprehensive #digitalstrategy .

Seasoned strategists will especially appreciate the checklists that are included in each chapter.

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Although I've had to move away from "hanging out" on G+ these days, I have so many great memories . . . and wonderful friends because of people like +Heather Kraafter at the +Kraaft Shaak 

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The green room is heating up. +Michael Daniels found out he had some free time and pulled a few of us together. We're playing Plusword!
Plusword on Friday night 10pm Eastern
We have 2 teams right now!!
It could happen that we have a 3rd team bu only time will tell.
So +Heather Kraafter and +Terry Leigh Britton
go head-to-head with
The +Andrew Hatchett and +Sylvia Tabor

And Yes we have a 3rd team !
+Debi Davis and +Russ Worthington have told us that they want to play
Come join the fun Friday night!


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Been missin' my Game Show gang. Glad we're playing tonight!
Well let's get back to game time.
Click this link:
Come join us for Episode #59 Friday night 10pm eastern of Plusword

Come watch +Debi Davis  and +Andrew Hatchett match wit's with +Heather Kraafter and +Terry Leigh Britton 
If we can talk +Phil Bowyer and +Kate Bowyer to join us too, well... then they will join as well

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My focus has been local for some time now, and I'm finding great satisfaction in developing strategies based on #DigitalNeighborhoods .

The journey has not been without challenges, however. So what do you do when you're handed lemons? You make lemonade, of course.

My lemonade is #ChamberFAIL - A case for making the SHIFT to Digital. A quick-read eBook. I'd love feedback, particularly from my team at +Go Local Online as you know some of the history that got me to this point.

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There are lots of reasons to join us for Game Show on Friday nights, but I just discovered a new one: It's good for your health!

According to my fitbit tracker, after an evening of laughing 'til tears were rolling down my cheeks during the post-show "green room," my sleep efficiency was ONE HUNDRED PERCENT!

+Michael Daniels' keeps the Game Show Community posted about the schedule. Here's last night's game:

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Fun was had! Six+ hours of +Kraaft Shaak shenanigans. Happy New Year.
the fantastic shenanigans of a New Year's eve party.

That opening act (or fiasco) was a one of a kind for sure!

Thank you +Sylvia Tabor for hold it all together, right +creationsceecee??

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