#BookADay: THE PIRATE AND THE PENGUIN by +Patricia Storms (published by +Owlkids).

Synopsis: "Penguin is not your typical Antarctic bird. While his contented friends spend their days doing yoga, meditating, and meditating on yoga, this free spirit is planning his great escape. He’s done with the frigid, barren expanse of the South Pole. He’s had it with the communal escapades of his feathered fraternity. What he wants is adventure. And he’s ready to go it alone. Pirate, on the other hand, wants no part in his vocation’s raucous, adventurous ways. Exploration? Treasure? Conquest? Bah! Caught under the pounding Caribbean sun, surrounded by a crew of dimwits, this captain longs for a simpler life. Free from his itchy sunburns. Free from the endless travel. If only he could find such a place. From the mind of veteran children’s illustrator Patricia Storms comes the tale of how two misfits found each other and, in the process, found the solution to all of their problems. Loosely based on the classic story of The Prince and the Pauper, The Pirate and the Penguin follows these two characters as they inevitably converge and playfully discover the lives they’ve been seeking all along."

You can find out more about Patricia and her work here: http://www.patriciastorms.com/

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