#BookADay : PUNCH LIKE A GIRL by my friend Karen Krossing​ ( Orca Book Publishers​), for ages 12 and up. Karen was kind enough to answer Three Questions for me on Inkygirl: http://inkygirl.com/inkygirl-main/2015/6/1/three-questions-with-karen-krossing-advice-for-young-writers.html

Synopsis of PUNCH LIKE A GIRL: "Nobody understands why Tori has suddenly become so moody and violent. When she attacks a stranger in a store, she ends up doing community service at a shelter for victims of domestic violence. There, she bonds with a little girl named Casey, but when Casey is abducted while in Tori’s care, Tori is racked with guilt, certain that she should have been able to prevent the abduction. During the search for Casey, Tori comes face to face with an ex-boyfriend who sexually assaulted her at a party. Only when she speaks out about the assault is she able to begin to heal."

More about the book: http://www.orcabook.com/productdetails.cfm?PC=2146 and  http://karenkrossing.com/books/punch-like-a-girl/

More about the author: http://karenkrossing.com


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