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GOOGLE+ GUIDES & TIPS FOR NEWBIES (especially writers & illustrators)
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Do you know of a useful Google+ guide? Please add it to the comments section!


Overview of Google+ from Google

Google Plus: Ultimate Quickstart Guide: from Eugene Teplitsky

Getting Started With Google+ - We Get Google+

Getting started with Google+ - Chris Brogan

Google+ Info site: Unofficial info about Google Plus, regularly updated

Mashable Google+ Complete Guide

How To Use Google Plus - by Dan Rowinski

Technogran's Google+ For Newbies

Collaborative Google doc:


Google Plus Business Pages - Introduction (from Google)

How to set up an Author or Book Page on Google+ - by Debbie Ohi

Video: Everything You Need To Know About Google+ Business Pages

Setting Up Your Google+ (Business) Page in 5 Easy Steps

How to set up an Author or Book Page on Google+ - by Debbie Ohi

Master Google+ Literary List (my list of literary/book/publishing directories):

11 Google+ Tips for Writers - Robert Brewer

Why Google+ Is Awesome For Cartoonists: Ryan Estrada

5 Way Illustrators and Artists Can Use Google+ - by Lea Woodward

4 Reasons Artists Are Loving Google+ - Rebecca Rosen

Why I’ve Drunk the Google+ Kool-aid… And Love It (for Writers) - Steff

Tips on Customizing Your Google+ Scrapbook Bar (images that appear across the top of your page): Phil Khan

How To Trick Out Your Google+ Profile Scrapbook Bar In Like, 8 Steps


Video tutorials on Google+

Google+ Help: How To Set Up Your Google+ Profile - by Jaana Nyström

Google Plus Tips & Shortcuts: Andrew Shotland keeps this list updated

Google+ Cheat Sheet: one-page list of shortcuts
Also translated into other languages:

How to tweak your Google+ Profile

Ultimate Google+ Tips and Tricks: Tech Exclusive

10 Google+ tips to help you get off to a good start: Deb Ng


Video: New Features In Google+ Hangouts
New features in the Google+ Hangouts

About Google+ Hangouts (from Google Support)

Video: Google+ Hangout Tutorial

Video: Start A Google+ Hangout Tutorial
Start a Google+ Hangout Tutorial

How to Use Google+ Hangouts (wikiHow): basics, with screenshots

How To Use Google+ Hangouts

Where To Hangout At Google+: user-maintained directory of current G+ Hangouts

How to Have a Writers' Hangout in Google+ - Mary Robinette Kowal


Google+ Privacy: 5 Settings You need To Know


What are Google Circles and how do I use them? by John Haydon

Taming your Google+ Circle madness in 3 easy step: Vincent Mo

How To Make A Private Circle: Kimberly Castleberry

Using Google+ Circles For Bookmarking


Compiled by Debbie Ridpath Ohi (
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Debbie - thanks for all your guides and tips! Really useful.
WOW!!! GREAT STUFF. Love the info on making circle private from others.
Thank you for this Debbie! Knew I could count on you for the lowdown on the latest tech. :) e
Oops, there's a duplicate link in there! "Ultimate Google+ Tips and Tricks: Tech Exclusive" and "Don't disable Google+ notifications - Filter them!: Google+ Info" both have the same link under them (to the tech exclusive article). Other than that, thanks so much for this!
Okay, so probably dumb question: is there a way that I can "bookmark" this post so I can refer back to it and not lose it, given how many useful links it contains? I feel like I want to read all of the guides as I get the time.
You've been such a busy bee! Don't forget to come along to some of my Word Nerd Wednesday hangouts. First ever regular event in hangouts. :) +Terri Wells if you open the link that +Debbie Ohi gives for this, it'll just open as a webpage and you can bookmark it as you would do any web page. Otherwise, set a circle called 'bookmarks' to which you add NO people, and share this post - and any other post you want to bookmark - to that circle. Any time you want to see your faves they'll be there. Hope that helps.
Rebecca, yes, it helps a lot. Thanks!
Awesome directory - thanks a mil! :)
I am really glad to have found this post!
this is such an excellent resource! i used the g+ search engine to compile more info for an upcoming presentation, and it found this. thank you!
thanks so much...perhaps this will help entice more of my friends and colleagues to come to Google+
Debbie, you're pretty neat, you know that? ;) "INKSPOT 4EVA"
Awesome resource from one of my favorite illustrators. Thank you, Debbie.
I have some tips, can all be found via #mvanb_tips :-)
Thank you so much for this great compilation of resources, Debbie!
I've tweeted this wealth of information. Thanks. This will go on my favorites list in my web browser. You've done a service here.
What baffles me are all the "Google+ Starter Beginner Newbie Pack Kit" tutorials where the person who just came to G+ is already alienated from the familiar twitter or facebook and probably somewhat scared or skeptical about this place, clicks on this "starter newbie pack kit" to have to read through a ton of someone else's perceptions, opinions, and ways of doing things, and is immediately intimidated by the endless scrolling of paragraph after paragraph of crap, feeling as if they have to take an entire school course just to learn the "basics" of google+ .... when in all reality.... google+ is NOT that in-depth or complicated in the slightest bit... I have yet to see a guide (other than that simple visual guide), that actually presents Google+ for its simplicity and ease of finding and using things, without over-complicating it with redundant information. An ACTUAL beginners guide should answer the questions: 1. What BASICALLY is Google+, 2. what is it good for, 3. what can I do in Google+ and 4. where are the features to do these things? Anything else other than these 4 questions are NOT necessary for beginners, and within these 4 things, the explanations should be strait to the point (not with a bunch of disclaiming pre-facing justifications and "just wait! you'll see!" explanations). The reason why I most favor that visual guide is because of the fact that it is visual and it is the closest to being strait to the point in this way, and even STILL it can even use some cleaning up.
+G.E. Marrs : While I agree with your suggestion tutorials ought to be succinct and to-the-point, I find the verbosity used to express your point somewhat ironic!
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