#BookADay: COMPLIANCE (Book 2 of The Dust Chronicles) by Maureen L McGowan (Skyscape, 2013). One of ways I'm doing more reading these days is through audiobooks; I listen to audiobooks while I'm at the gym and sometimes when I'm at certain stages in book illustration. Just finished COMPLIANCE. Fast-paced, suspenseful, lives up to the first book, and I really like the main character Glory. So looking forward to reading GLORY, the last book in this YA trilogy!

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More about The Dust Chronicles trilogy: http://maureenmcgowan.com/the-dust-chronicles-2/

"Bestselling, award-winning, dystopian thriller series for readers 12 and over. The books have lots of adult fans too!

The Dust Chronicles is a trilogy about a sixteen-year-old girl named Glory, who can kill with her eyes. It’s set in a post-apocalyptic future where the earth has been covered by asteroid dust that’s lethal to most humans and has changed the DNA of others, giving them powers deemed Deviant. The books are dystopian thrillers with elements of sci-fi, paranormal, horror and romance."


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