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KIDLIT/YA: To help kidlit/YA types find each other, I'm starting up this thread. If you have a similar list or directory of kidlit/YA people on Google+, please do post the link below. Or if you'd like to let other kidlit/YA types you're here, please post below. Please post only once (edit your post if you have changes). DON'T use this thread for asking questions or conversations, thanks. And do spread the word to other kidlit/YA people!

Please don't ask me to add you to this list. You can add yourself by just posting a comment. :-) Feel free to include your URL, and you can edit your post later.

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Also see +Melissa Wiley 's great Kidlitosphere list:

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I'm a YA writer and would love to be added to any YA lists :)
I'm an illustrator/author please add me to your appropriate circles!
Great idea! I'm a MG writer.
Children's Illustrator here! There's this link as well: Make a circle for kid lit authors and book lovers (teachers, librarians, and reviewers) by going to the list +Melissa Wiley is creating:
Hi, I'm a middle grade/YA/early reader author. +Kate Linnea Welsh, thanks for linking to my kidlit list. +Debbie Ohi, we 've got over 125 names there already, yippee! (A mix of authors, illustrators, editors, bloggers, reviewers, etc) :) I link to the list directly from my profile, as well, in hopes of helping people connect. So--anyone who chimes in here on Debbie's thread, please hop over to mine and add yourself there as well! THANKS!
Hooray! I'm a YA writer and SCBWI member.
There's a list of kidlit and YAlit people (book bloggers, writers, teachers, librarians) via +Melissa Wiley But it's nice to have more. And +Kate Messner's, too! I'd like to be on this list, too. :) I'm a YA author and book blogger.
I'm also a YA writer and loooove reading YA. I'm a fan of many of you authors here. :-)
Oops, I should post here as well! :-) I write picture books and middle grade.
I write picture books in both English and Spanish. My latest, ¡VAMOS A VER A PAPÁ! (Ekaré, 2010), is forthcoming in November 2011 from Groundwood as LET'S GO SEE PAPÁ!, translated by Elisa Amado.

I was also the SCBWI RA for Spain for 5 years.
Me too, Debbie. Thanks for this list! MG author.
I'm a middle grade author. Thanks, Debbie!
I'm a middle grade writer and illustrator. Thanks, Debbie!
Children's author (mostly tweens/teens and nonfiction, but some fun fiction, too)—and a some time editor.
YA writer and illustrator. Greetings from Spain!
I'm a YA Scifi/Fantasy writer! I read a ton of MG as well.
Hello there -- children's book marketer and editor here!
I'm a YA writer, published by Scholastic. Hi all!
My debut YA novel, ASHFALL will be published by Tanglewood in October. I'd love to join your circles!
Debbie - I'd happily try to skim yer YA/Kidlit circle. Maybe someday I'll work harder on writing (I do have one very dusty picture book in a word doc...) but mostly I'm a "once and future" teacher and currently an intensive needs paraprofessional. One of my degrees is in Children's Lit though and I'm certainly a big fan (plus a parent of 2 avid readers!) ;-)
I'm here too! MG & YA author, with a MG novel debuting next year.
(And that book that +Mike Mullin mentioned is awesome, so look for it!)
Hi! I'd love to be added! My YA novel, A Touch Mortal, came out in February and it's sequel, A Touch Morbid will be out in early 2012! Looking forward to adding you all to my circles! :)
I'm a YA & MG blogger & I'd love to be added. Thanks!
Would love to be added. I'm a YA writer with a debut in December 2011.
I write and review kidlit and would love to be added. Thanks!
iPad/iPhone story book app for 2-6 year olds coming out this fall! Looks like some MG in 2013 may be on the horizon...
I'm a YA mythology/paranormal/sci-fi writer :)
I'd love to be included - I'm YA Contemp - my debut comes out in Fall 2012
I guess I'm announcing I'm here. ;). I'm the vp of prod/tech of and a masters student in young adult fiction at Vermont College of Fine Arts.
I am a YA blogger at if anyone is interested in adding me :)
Hiyo! I'm a YA writer and recently sold my debut novel HOUSE OF A THOUSAND DOLLS. Also, I am trying hard to understand Google + and kind of failing. It's nice to meet you all!
I write MG BoogerLit and YA Thrillers. Looking forward to connecting with you all!
I've written YA and adult nonfiction and reference, and have some YA (and maybe MG, now that I know that abbv.) nonfic irons in the fire. Love historical YA fiction to read.
Thank you for putting this list together, Debbie. Please count me in. YA sci-fi.
I'm a YA author. Please add me! :)
I'm a (-n as of yet unpublished) YA writer & reader (:
I'm a YA author (POSSESSION just came out last month!). Thanks, Debbie!
I am a kidlit and ya lit teacher and blogger. :o) Please add me to your directories!
Kidlit author here! (Hiya, Debbie!) Actually, I write a little bit of almost everything...but I'm working on my third children's picture book, so this is "home" for the moment.
I'm the YA SF/F book reviewer for Realms of Fantasy magazine. I like to keep aware of YA lit in the SF/F/paranormal field, and in mainstream.
I'm a YA historical/retelling author (SCARLET)! Add away!! :-)
Debbie .. This is AMAZING! I can find so many fellow YA/MG writers here .. Awesome Initiative. Thank you :)
Hi! WAVES I'm a complete YA addict and writer. Please add me to this new circle of awesome!!!
What a great list, I'm happy to be part of the YA writer community as well.
Hi all -- I'm a YA writer and Vermont college grad. I co-directed the 2009 and 2010 New England SCBWI conferences and am the Executive Director of The Writing Faculty. Nice to meet everyone :)
This is great! Thanks! I'll repost and try to friend everyone here. I write everything from picture books to YA, mostly humorous fiction, fantasy and science fiction. I also illustrate.
I'm a children's book illustrator/author. I would love to be added to any circles! Oh and Debbie....Thanks so much for doing this!!!
Another YA writer and blogger here. :)
I'm here! (I write middle grade as KA Holt. Google+ and I are mixing up all of my secret identities.)
Hi Debbie! Sheralyn clued me to what you're doing. Brilliant. And, I'm a MG fiction and non-fiction writer, in particular music and cultural history. I'd love to be included. Thanks!!!!!
I'm a YA author - I'd love to be added to the list! :D
I'm a KIDLIT writer and have blogged on occasion about YA and other subjects KIDLIT. ;-)
I'm a middle school language arts teacher and YA Book Blogger at Heise Reads & Recommends
I'm a reviewer of children's books from picture books to MG & YA. :o)
I'm a middle grade teacher and blogger at "the bookish mama" and would love to review kid-lit. Thanks! :)
I'm a children's book author. Please add me!
I'm a children's and YA reviewer and children's literacy advocate at Jen Robinson's Book Page.
I review YA (and mainstream sf/fantasy/horror) for Publishers Weekly.
YA speculative fiction
Middle Grade and Picture Books here.
I write contemporary YA and MG: funny books for peculiar girls :D
I'm a MG/YA book blogger at Adventures of Cecelia Bedelia
Hi! Contemporary YA writer based in the UK.
I'm a YA author. I've also written books for elementary teachers and administrators and I have a blog. Great list!
YA/Teen author/press (Contemporary Fantasy - write and publish in the adult and other genres too). Hi!
I'm a YA Blogger ( and aspiring author looking for representation for my first YA paranormal book.
Aspiring YA/historical fiction writer.
Just a blogger myself. A writer too at times.
Great list! I'm a YA/adult writer and love chatting with readers, teachers, librarians blogger, and writers...okay, I'm just plain chatty. ;-)
Hi, I write and illustrate picture books, and I an interested in apps. Cheers!
YA/Teen crossover author/press (UK). Contemporary fantasy, crime, horror. I write novels and short stories and design all the covers for the press I run with my twin sister. Hello all :).
MG King
Great to be part of such a creative community! I'm a picture book (LIBRARIAN ON THE ROOF!) and Middle Grade writer. Look forward to adding everyone to my circle.
As a writer of all ages family fairy tales I would love to be added to any of these lists :)
I'm a YA author. YA cyberpunk/sci-fi. :)
My current novel has informed me I'm writing YA fiction. Huzzah!
YA writer here :) waves to everyone
Another MG writer checking in!
Looking forward to connecting! (MG/YA here!)
Former romance author with Harlequin, my debut dystopian YA, TANKBORN, has just been released by Tu Books (Lee & Low). I'm glad to answer newbie (or not so newbie) writer questions. However, I'm a babe in the kidlit woods.
I'm a YA author and would love to be added :D
I'm a YA Author and co-owner of Entwined Publishing I'd love to be connected :)
Hi everyone! I'm a YA author and my debut is coming out from HarperCollins Children's in Winter of 2013!
Hi there. I write funny on purpose. Mostly MG, some PB, all pre-published.
Hi! I've written an early MG, PBs, and am now writing YA.
Great master list! I write MG (debut with Harper Children's next year)
Debbie, you're an angel. I write MG and YA science books.
I made it here, Debbie! I write MG and YA. Please add me to your list.
Debbie, what a fabulous idea!! I'm a YA author ( and I'm co-editor of DEAR BULLY ( which is an anti-bullying anthology featuring 70 AMAZING (truly, truly amazing) YA authors that pubs in August from HarperTeen. Thanks for this list. I have so many "writer friends" to add! xoxo
How do I bookmark this page (and other lists) so that I can find you all again?
Great list, thanks! I'm a former middle-grade teacher thinking of trying YA lit.
Another YA writer here! Wow! There's a lot of us. <3
I write for children .. Please add me! In fact the proof of my first to-be-self-published book for 8-11 yr-olds, The Secret Lake is winging its way to me from Amazon's CreateSpace as I type. I'm a professional copywriter too but enjoying a much needed sabbatical over the last few months during which I've pulled out and polished stories I wrote when my children were younger... Excited about G+ I've hardly used FB apart from FB pages for my books so this is all new to me...!
I write both MG & YA. This list is a great idea! :)
Hi! Great idea. MG/YA writer here.
Please add me - I do nonfiction kids' books
Just published my first YA book, Dark Matter Heart , and would love to be added to any and all YA list. I'll be adding many of the people here to my circles.
My name is Andrea and I write YA. :)
Wow, I'm late to the party! I'm a PB and YA writer.
I'm a YA writer. Nice to meet you all!
PB writer and blogger at Alphabet Soup. :)
I'm an aspiring writer of YA and other things, mostly speculative fiction. Thanks for the awesome list, Debbie!
I'm an author of several books and short stories for young readers--picture books through YA, realistic fiction and fantasy. I also teach writing and run a children's-YA writing, publishing, book blog called Cynsations at: Come find me! I love to talk to fellow youth literature enthusiasts!
/waves to all. I'm a YA fantasy/sci-fi, Adult fantasy/sci-fi, gay erotic romance writer. Please add me to any and all circles! <-- the blog.
Aspiring writer of all genres, including YA :)
Thanks for this thread, Debbie. I write YA fiction, all genres.
Picture book author-illustrator, Middle Grade author-illustrator and upcoming YA author, all. Please add my name. Clay Carmichael
Would love an add to the list - Aspiring YA Author, New Book Blogger and Artist ;) (huge thanks to Debbie for tackling this! You Rock!)
Emi Bee
I am a sci-fi/fantasy YA/MG author and illustrator :D
I'm a children's book author, ghost writer, and screenwriter. Feel free to add me if you wish. Debbie, thank you for creating this, it's such a wonderful idea.
Thanks for hosting this list! I've written a YA novelization of the life of Joan of Arc, plus several picture book texts.
I write MG, early readers and occasionally PB. I'd like to be part of the list.
I would like to be a part of the list, thank you!
I'm a YA writer and would love to be added. Thanks for doing this!
I'm a YA and middle grade writer. Please add me to the list. Thanks!
I work with Walden Pond Press, a middle grade imprint co-published by HarperCollins and Walden Media (aka Kellie at Walden on FB). Thanks for the list, Debbie!
Thanks for putting this list together! I'm a YA writer and book blogger :)
Great idea! I'm the author of the YA series The Soterians; please add me.
I'm an illustrator and would love to be added to the list. Thanks!
I write MG mostly, but am also working on a YA. Would love to be added to your list.
Ednah Walters - I write YA fantasy series about the Guardian Legacy... This is a wonderful idea. I'd love to be added, too.
I'm a YA writer & popular Cell Phone Novelist. Besides storytelling, I am also active in research regarding Japan's Pop Culture, and most recently, their YA industry. I would appreciate being added to the list.
I write MG and YA fantasy (mostly historical fantasy). Thanks for the list!
I'm a YA debut author and would love to be added to any YA lists. Thanks!
MG/YA author here. Great idea for the list!
Please add me. Thank you.
Looking forward to hearing all about it. :) Glad it sounds like you had a good time, Debbie! And glad you're home again. :)
Hi Debbie; Harcourt Brace Jovanovitch (remember them?) published four kids books I wrote and illustrated back in the late 70s. I was an agency art director then and too busy to pursue my writing career. However, I'm retired now and would love any information you can pass on.
Debbie, please add me to your kidlit/YA circle. Thanks!
I'm a YA fantasy / Sci-fi writer. Please add me to your list. :)

Also, us males are woefully under represented in your list. It's horribly sad. We should all band together and start an uprising.
I'm google plused now- I didn't get to see you @ the conference!
My writing partner, +Dana Melton , already posted in this list, but I thought I'd introduce myself too! We're avid YA writers and readers! Please add both of us to your circles! You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter under our pen name Kirby Howell.
I'm a creative writer trapped in a technical writer's body. I write short stories (love E.A.Poe and J.L.Borges), but am published as a tech writer and author of Taking on Twitter. I'm also a blogger:
Hi all, I am a writer of picture and chapter books. Great list(s), Debbie.
Sounds like a great list to belong to. Count me in :)
<giggle> met you at OVFF 2010, too many common interests! I am the mother of 3 YA, all of whom read avidly!
Hi Inkygirl, I'm in this kid lit writer/ all the other stuff circle. Keep up the good work I'm still learning G+.
I am writing both YA and picture books. I am also a school librarian who sponsors Mock Caldecott groups.
The great Debbie showing her greatness again.

YA here
Can I just say how amazingly organized you are?? Also, I'm an MG/YA writer!
I write SF, YA, and romance. I'm amazed at how many others on G+ write YA, too. Debbie, I'm using you as my learning lab. Thank you for your generosity in sharing all the ins and outs (I'm a G+ shaped pretzel right now).
Debbie is great! I agree. Oh, and I'm a YA author of The Hunchback Assignments, Dust and the bio of John Diefenbaker (but for some reason no one's read that last one).
I'm a picture book and chapter book writer currently developing one of my picture book manuscripts (with a small team) into an iPad app. Fall 2011 release.
I write YA fantasy. Thanks for this list of writers!
I write contemporary YA, long and short. Thanks for putting all this together so we can connect!
Studying childrens' literature with the Open University starting 1st October. Also fellow SCBWI member (British Isles region).
On the publishing side of my business I'm working with two authors with 'tween' YA titles and series.
Thanks for putting together the list. I, too, am a MG writer.
I'm writing my 1st young adult book. Can I play too?
I would love to be added to this list. thanks!
I'm writing a YA book, am a writer of poetry, essays and short stories, photographer, art journaler and musician
Please add me! Waves enthusiastically.
Please add me! I'm a Christian YA writer.
Hi Debbie, I write for MG (middle grade) and YA. Thanks for starting this list. Yes, please Circle me.
I write and illustrate picture books :)
I write all sorts of stuff, including picture books. My first YA memoir is coming out in January from Simon & Schuster. I love meeting kidlit writers. Please circle me. :)
I write picture books and professional resource books for educators. I am also a professional storyteller.
I found this list from Melissa Wiley's similar list. I write in various genres, but I'm still unpublished, although I publish my own stories on I'm currently working on a young adult horror novel, which I hope to finish by Christmas--then tear down and re-write for another six months. I'd love to connect with other writers, and possibly find an illustrator for my children's stories, and a few editors for my longer works.
Yeah, I finally figured out how to do this!
Childrens+MG+YA author, I look forward to getting to know more writers!
YA Sci Fi and Historical Fiction writer here ;-) Nice to be on the list
YA Fantasy writer/illustrator. Soon to take over the world, (as soon as my first novel is done)
Aspiring writer type person here. Not YA, but like the stuff you post about writing. :)
I'm a YA writer and member of the YA chapter of RWA.
Hi from New Zealand. I write Middle Grade and Young Adult fantasy
I'm a reader and aspiring writer too. I write a mix of shorts, YA and right now trying to decide if my nano novel should be YA fantasy.
Writing for 5-8 and kids poems. British SCBWI volunteer.
YA curious. :) (My work seems to be moving that direction.)
Not a writer, but a YA reader, would like to interact with YA writers ;)
I'm an avid reader of YA, read to my 5 & 8 year olds, and also write stories for them and myself. I'd love to keep up with other writer types.
I'm an illustrator and reader, I'd love to be added please :)
MG King
Picture book and MG writer. So many of you are already familiar faces around G+ -- Love our Kid Lit community!
Greetings, All. I'm a children's writer, poet and illustrator (sort of). Glad to be here!
Y/A SF Author of the Ratha or Named Series (Ratha's Creature, Clan Ground) published by Imaginator Press,so please add me. I also do sculpture and sketching to develop and realize my animal characters.
YA writer. I write primarily fantasy on the magical realism side of the genre. My website is Looking forward to networking! Thanks, +Debbie Ohi for putting this together.
Brilliant idea! I write YA mostly, and some midgrade fantasy.
Hi there! I am a children's book illustrator and newly author represented by the Bright Agency!
I'm a YA and children's book author -- as well as a YA teacher and avid reader. :)
Hi everyone - I write Middle Grade novels with an emphasis on Gothic and Steampunk. I'd love to talk with other MG and YA writers here on Google+
I write the blog, Happy Birthday Author, that celebrates children's author and illustrator birthdays -- My family has celebrated over 130 birthdays over the past 2 1/4 years with activities and book recommendations!
Great idea! I write for all ages - early readers, picture books (Library Lion, Argus), middle grade (Dragon of Trelian series), and now working on my first YA.
I am writing mostly young adult or adult apocalyptic thrillers right now. Then, on to young adult change in life stories.
YA/MG writer/blogger here. I'm also a member of the SCBWI. Thanks for the amazing list! :-)
Um, very cool lists but no special list for gnomes here ;-) Can you pls let me know where I should post about our illustration contest? We promised +CotCotCotApps that we would try and behave online...

We're small (about the size of  from the top of our hat to the tip of our toes); old, very very old; and a bit WILD... We're looking for illustrators wild enough to join our illustration contest +Dessine-moi un nuton and win the possibility of being published in a children’s book for the iPad. Pls join us and let the magic begin!
I blog on education, parenting and KidLit and every post will somehow have a children's book attached to it!

Thanks for adding me to your list!
Wow, there are a lot of people on this list. Add me! YA writer.
Not a pro writer, but we're a family of readers :->
Hello, all! Happy to be part of the kidit community +drydenbks and added to this list.
Wow! This is quite a list. I write picture books and blog about writing, potty humor, motherhood...  +laurimeyers
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