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COMICS & WEBCOMICS: In hopes of helping comics & webcomics types find each other, I'm starting up this thread. If you have a similar list or directory of comics people on Google+, please do post the link below. Or if you'd like to let other comics types know you're here, please post below. Please post only once (edit your post if you have changes). DON'T use this thread for asking questions or conversations, please. And do spread the word to others in the comics/webcomics industry! Thanks.

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<b>COMICS & WEBCOMICS</b>: In hopes of helping comics & webcomics types find each other, I'm starting up this thread. If you have a similar…
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I likes (and occasionally draws) the comics, yo. :)
i want to just have some knowledge in comics and webcomics, can someone help me here :D
I'm here. I do a webcomic called Nathan Sorry.
I draw chicken comics :-)
Nice! I'm in. I draw the comic Little Guardians.
Hi, I'm here, and I'm creating a comic. Add me to your circle!
Kia ora and G'day from Aotearoa/New Zealand. Aspiring Comic Book Hack. ;)
Comic artist/creator (someday soon) here!
Sometime webcomicker.
I produce the Boondock Saints Comic Series and have cracked the code on +Motion Comics via my company M2
Artist for IDW Publishing and Moonstone Books. Hi!
I am a fan of comics and make comics as well :)
French gal working with several comics websites - Podcasts, Social Network - & a webcomic I'm also part of the staff of a French convention Lille Comics Festival. Nice to meet you ;)
Pop me in here. I've been seriously considering starting a graphic novel/series...drawing skills are very rusty from years of neglect, but I've been longing to coming back. I intend to use digital to do it for time and space.
I edited a comics magazine for four years, so I guess you can say I'm a comics fiend. I more into funny ones--like Non Sequiter, Pearls Before Swine, and Baby Blues--but I also love Marvel comics. My daughter enjoys having someone she can talk to about the X-Men who knows which one is which.
The Cloudscape Comics circle on my profile contains quite a few comic artists
I draw comics. I also draw a G+ exclusive comic called CIRCLE JERKS that you can only see if you ask over on my profile. Word.
Hi! I did "Edge of the Unknown" graphic novel and now into the sequel...also love to draw!
I'm a writer of a upcoming (we hope) webcomic called ""The Adventurers" which is part of an anticipated bigger project called "Domino Comics". Have an artist for Adventurers, but if it proves popular the next step is an anthology title set in the same universe, which will need artists.
I am an illustrator, mostly for newspapers as editorials but I have actually done one comic thats been published as part of a larger book illustration.
Writing a bunch of planned webcomics, going to draw them when my financial life stabilizes.
Avid reader of comics, both web and otherwise, here!
I've written one graphic novel so far: VACATION IN IBIZA, published by NBM in the US, Egales in Spain, and Heinz & Horst in Germany.

Probably best-known in the comics world for my "Endless Sestina" published in Neil Gaiman's anthology THE SANDMAN: THE BOOK OF DREAMS (HarperCollins).
Me and my inner child write and doodle my own comics and comics for other peoples anthologies/collections. Free to read online stuffs and some physical ones to purchase at / photo section of my profile.

My lord, I have about a million websites/profiles to look through now :)
Creator Owned, Independent, New, Self-published Comics!
I created the cartoon strips FIDDLESTIX©, and Welcome To The Jungle©. And keep busy with a few other projects such as Comic Books, etc.. I am currently The National Free Press' editorial cartoonist. You can view everything over at my Tooned In Blog
So many people to add to my webcomics circles... be patient with me.
Oh, you have a webcomic list too! Gosh I need to stalk you more, Debbie. :D
I'm working on a webcomic now, but it's in stealth mode. Sci-fi stuff.
Reader, buyer, collector, obsessive here :D
I write and edit chic hardcovers of gay erotic comics :) Please list :)
I'm learning about comics and want to learn more about it. I have a kid friendly vampire I haven't posted yet. Working on it!
Is this circle open to comic addicts? :-D
Please add me to this circle. Thanks.
<giggle> met you at OVFF 2010, too many common interests! Howard Taylor & David Reddick are my local cartoonist friends.
Hello! I'm Raina, creator of the orthodontic memoir SMILE; illustrator of the BABY-SITTERS CLUB GRAPHIX; working on a forthcoming graphic novel called DRAMA. All published by Scholastic. All kid-friendly!
Hello everyone. I have a webcomic and soon to be graphic novel called The MeltedPOT . I also have another project I'm working on called Monster Girl. This is a wonderful list hope to see you all soon.
Don't Draw, but i do like to read them!
Can't draw, but have often toyed with writing them and finding an illustrator to collaborate with. I do enjoy reading webcomics, though.
I don't have a webcomic but am a comic artist and have an interest. I'd like to be added, please :)
I'd like to be in this circle. I'm not a comic creator, but a longtime comic reader. :)
I run a webcomic site Where readers can find comics they like and creators get access to tools to help them gain readers. Currently running a promo system that gets half a million page views a day..... so that is going pretty well :)
I read some but my friend +Geoff Arbuckle does great reviews of comics on a weekly basis and could talk your ears off about a lot of them :)
While I don't write or draw comics, I consider myself an ambassador of all comic related stuffs! And +Chuck Moore is right... I do reviews (great is arguable) and yes, I could talk ears off anyone who would care to listen about comics.
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