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This is a list of all the literary/book people lists I've found on Google+ so far. I'll keep it updated, so feel free to bookmark. If you know of any others, please do post the URLs below. Don't forget, you can also enter search terms like "writer" in the Find People box at the top of G+ windows as well as services like

If you want to bookmark this Master list, use this URL:
Short URL:

For my lists (incl. non-lit) lists, please see my About Profile. Please DON'T ask me to add you to a list -- all the lists mentioned below are "add yourself" directories. Just click through to the list you're interested in & follow the instructions. To see my other Google+ Directories, please see my About Profile.

Here are the lists organized by category:


+Naima Al-Amar 's directory of Writer Lists:

+Carolyn Burns Bass 's Writers' Circle:

+RK Charron 's list of Authors+ on Google+:

+Margie Jacobs's Writer List:

+Daniel Shortell's list of Fiction Writers on G+:

+Laura Grace Weldon's list of Non-Fiction Writers:


+Debbie Ohi 's Librarian List:

+Kate Messner 's list of those who teach reading & writing:


+Debbie Ohi 's Digital Publishing & Ebooks List:

+Debbie Ohi 's Kidlit/Story App Developer List:

+Susan Taylor Brown 's Poet list:

+Lia Keyes 's list of Steampunk Enthusiasts:

+Debbie Ohi 's list of Comics & Webcomics people:

+Dan Dollar 's Screenwriter List:

+Lawrence Schimel 's Gay & Lesbian Poet List:

+Ann Douglas's list of Pregnancy & Parenting Authors:


+Debbie Ohi 's list of Kidlit/YA Google+ Pages (not personal accounts):

+Debbie Ohi 's Kidlit/YA List:

+Melissa Wiley 's Kidlitosphere list:

+Debbie Ohi's Children's Book Illustrators List:

+Kate Messner 's children's & YA Blogger list:

+Ruth Donnelly 's Middle Grade writer list:

+Anastasia Suen 's list of Picture Book Writers:


+Johanna Harness's #amwriting list:

+Angie Capozello's list of #fridayflash writers:


NaNoWriMo 2011 people:


See the list 2/3 way through +Eugene Teplitsky's excellent "Google Plus: Ultimate Quickstart Guide":
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Wow, nice job, Debbie! Thank you so much for the mention, too. #whyIlovewriters
Excellent job, Debbie. People like you are the reason that Google+ is becoming the network that it is.
Thank you for compiling these, Debbie. As the lists grow, we may need to move them into a Google Doc.
Nice work, Debbie. I've bookmarked the list on Google Bookmarks and put a link to the handiest google plus related stuff I find on my profile.
As a writer, it is rather gratifying — and reassuring — to see the interest literary types are able to generate on Google+. Thank you, to everyone who has begun and/or maintained one of these lists!
this is great, thanks for posting - would you mind sharing how you search for these lists? i'd like to try something similar for screenwriters
thanks naima - is it literally just typing in a bunch of people's names you know are screenwriters on a post and bookmarking it? if there's an easier way to do it i'd like to try that
thanks! i'll try it out now
awesome thanks! that's money
Great list of lists, Debbie. Thanks for compiling it. The permalink is a must for these kinds of lists. I find it frustrating that once a post has been reshared, there doesn't seem to be any kind of link back to the original post, which would be helpful when you want to +1 or comment on the original post, not the reshare. I hope that Google+ will add a link back at some point, but for now, the permalink is really helpful for finding the original post.
This is a phenomenal list! Thank you so much!
Just adding my applause to the appreciative crowd above ;)
Thanks Debbie! Book marked! Can you add me to either children's book illustrators, or iPad-children's-book-apps people? Thanks : )
I've been busy working on a website inspired by the list collecting going on here. It's a total work in progress that I will be changing very frequently I'm sure but if anyone is interested in helping me work out the bugs please let me know. I'd like to get 4 or 5 people that are seriously interested in creating a place that will help everyone find all the creative google+ers.

I am so amazed by the awesomeness of this place. The collaboration, the support and the community are just wicked.

I will be posting a thread so as to not spam up this one.
What a fantastic resource! Thanks, Debbie.
Fantastic list Debbie. Can you add me to this list as well under Social Media or Freelance writers. I'll be sure to pass this along. Thanks for this resource!!
Funny, I don't see very many of the 150+ authors I have in my Author circle in many of these lists. And many of them were first adopters and have the words "writer" or "author" in their taglines. Selective?
I'm having real difficulty with the extended posts like this one. But, I thought I'd throw this out there. I created this site to help organize and catalog. I'd love for people to submit links here. I will be trying to add to it over the next few weeks but I'm up against a work deadline that keeps getting sidetracked by this.

Use that link to submit the link, it goes live immediately and you can add categories if you can't find one that fits. I've got a few up there already including this one. I'm doing my best to credit all original posts and link to them so please let me know if you find an error. It doesn't matter who submits links btw, as long as you use the original link poster url.

Also, if you are a creative and want to be listed in the category sections then please feel free to use the SUBMIT PROFILE link.

I probably will miss posts here so please tag me directly if needed.

+Beth Browne I do have Robert's blog post in my Newbie Tips directory, but thanks. :-)
This is such an awesome listing. Thank you so much! I was looking for something like this to create Lit circles. Perfect.
This is a terrific idea! I didn't see a list for folks who write mysteries--has anyone heard of one yet?
Outstanding! I must put up my Word Nerd list.
Thanks, Debbie! I'll have to poke around in here after work.
Thanks for the update - and for giving our humble tutorial at Curiosity Quills a shout-out, +Debbie Ohi! :D
I started a list of people in the world of comedy - there will be some overlap and might be relevant to this post!
So much new to learn with Google+ but it's pretty cool so far~!
With the ability to Star (favorites) posts now, I don't think it will be necessary to have different URLs. The Starred category just showed up on my home page (left menu). Nice list
You are very awesome. I'll need to pay attention and see when you're doing more hangouts, because yours sound very cool, and I want to learn how to do my own.
Thanks for posting these great lists, Debbie! I fit mostly in the non-fiction category, too, although am in a cross-over period with my next book..
Debbie, this is JUST FANTASTIC!! I have shared with everyone I know. Thank you muchly for the time and energy that this took, will take to update all the time love it !!
Thanks for sharing this fab resource Debbie
Hi! I love your Lit Lists. Any chance you could create a publishing one?

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