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Baskets of Paper

Paper Basket Weaving, the new craze hitting the world. Whilst not using traditional basket weaving material, it uses the same weaving techniques as regular basket weaving. Most commonly it uses rolled newspaper (twining) and cardboard (plaited)Paper Basket

So, this morning I went out to check the mail. Now I don’t know what its like where you live, but we get an almost daily supply of 'mail brochures'. Today was no exception, the mailbox was full.Newspaper

I was just about to put it all in the recycle bin, when that little light went off in my brain. What’s all this weaving with paper about? So, I put the hamster in its wheel and got the old PC fired up, I was going to see if I could add this craft to my limited skills.

After what seemed like hours, and lots of off track clicking (I now know that a porcupine has up to 30,000 quills and lemons have 2.8grams of dietary fibre) as I said, I digress, a lot! I realised there was a lot more to this 'new' weaving, its all over the web.
Ways of Weaving

The method as I said, is either twining or plaiting, and the materials are diverse. Rolled newspaper is the most common material used, but I saw plastic straws being used, cardboard, construction paper, pages from the telephone book, Christmas wrapping paper, packing paper and magazines. One guy even wove a beach bad out of duct tape! You name it someone has tried to weave with it.Duct tape bag

Now, we might not be as excited about a duct tape bag, or packing paper alpaca Yes I saw one but we love to create. And I was thinking, this might be a great way to introduce kids to the craft again. Teach them the techniques on free materials, then if they like it or have an aptitude, buy them a basket weaving kit.
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Hi All, I decided to move my website, and had some technical issues. Also for some reason my new site wont accept my other G+ account.. Stressed but getting there. I am in the process of rebuilding my site. Dont worry, everything will be back soon :)

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Paper Weaving
I spent most of the past three days rolling up newspapers (thanks to my mum-in-law). Last night I thought I had better make something with them. Here's my paper tubes holder..made out of paper :D. I need to start buying paint for them.
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Basket Weaving in Cardboard
After my last post on newspaper basket weaving, I decided to try my hand at it. I knew from the start I would have to learn the skill of rolling the paper tubes for this type of basket weaving. The technique is simple, but oh so precise. I have put a quick tutorial on my 'Tips and Tutorial' on my website.
Well after about an hour, I thought I was doing ok, but I needed somewhere to put all these news toys. I also had a whole new array for tools, glue, ruler, more pegs. I didn’t want to mix them up with my actual basket weaving tools. Another light-bulb moment… I could make a paper basket. Then I thought, why make it in paper, I had a few cereal packets in the recycler, I could weave a cardboard basket for my newspaper weaving crafts.
The Story
As I started to get everything ready, It came to mind that you might want to see what I was doing. This was my first attempt at 'paperwork'. We all have to start somewhere, so I will show you the stages.
First off I rolled some paper tubes. The first few I did too tight and at the wrong angle, I couldn’t get them off the needle! After a few failed attempts I had my bundle of newspaper tubes.
I then tackled the cereal boxes. You need to know I take after my dad and if you knew him, you would know that he never followed instructions. There I was with all those cereal boxes, basically I just opened them and cut them all into 3cm wide strips. Now, I had a whole bunch of 1inch strips, It was then I realised the box as going to be very small. What to do?
I decided I needed to think this through, I wanted the sides to be 5 weavers in height at least, and I really didn’t want it square. I was going to have to measure the lengths I wanted and some strips needed to be longer than others. If you need a basic basket weaving guide please go to my 'Free Patterns' on my sebsite.
I wont bore you with my calculations, needless to say, again there were some failed attempts. I finally settled on 7×20cm strips and 5×23cm strips. During the 'drawing board' process I had glued 3 strips together, which was really too long. Again, light-bulb moment, I thought what about a handle. So one of the 23cm strips got replaced with my 'handle'
So I started to weave the base. It was at that point I found a wonderful invention, GLUE, I was able to put spots of glue at strategic places.
Now I didn’t have to worry about lashing the base before I upset the sides. I also found it fantastic when I was weaving the sides, I just glued new strips as and when I needed them. Admitted, this wasn’t as skilful as a true basket weave, but I have to admit, it was infinitely easier!
When I got to the end of my sides I chose to 'twine' some newspaper tubes. This served as a duel purpose, helped seal the top of the weavers and gave me some training with the tubes. After that I just snipped off the 'stakes'. But I guess you could nip and tuck them like with reed basket weaving. As you can see, it doesn’t look too pretty.
Following on with the newspaper tube training, I decided to lash the handle to make it a little more sturdy. Well the end product wont win any beauty contests, and I am sure the veteran weavers will be crying into their reeds, but I am proud of my first attempt. What do you think?
I am now going to find the right stain and try and make it look like a real wooden basket.
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Hi Guys, In a world where everything has hidden costs, heres my freebee offer :). I shared a little story about my crafting the other day on my webpage. And gave away a free basketry pattern, pop over to my site if you would like it, and leave a message if you like

Anyway here's The Story
The other day whilst in the garden I noticed a couple of plants had broken, so I decided to cut them and have them in the house. Unfortunately I hadn't any vases for such a small bunch. What to do?    
Then I recalled seeing, somewhere in the dim regions of my memory, a bottle that had a woven basket around it. In my previous blog, Basic Basket Making Beginnings, I had shown a picture of an ancient Roman bottle and I thought what a perfect way to show you how history repeats itself.
I looked in my 'bits' basket my first ever attempt at basket weaving to see what leftovers I had, I found quite a bit of 1inch flat reed and lots of round reed.That will do I thought, I can split the 1in into 1/2in. I then went wandering of to find something to use as a vase. While I was thinking I made myself a cup of coffee and stood at the kitchen window looking at my beautiful spring garden. Hmmmmmm nice coffee…………………..
…...Coffee!! I have empty coffee jars. OK not as big and tall as most coffee jars, basically very round and stubby, but perfect for my poor broken flowers.
So I went back to the reeds, yes 1inch was definitely too thick for such a small project. So I split them and put them to soak for 10 minutes, whilst I cleared the table for my project.
Now I know odd numbers are best for plaited weaving, but my base was only 8cm across, so I went with 8 reeds (4 each way) and started. The base went well, 4 reeds just covered it. I upset the stakes and clothes pegged the corners. By this time everything was getting very cramped, stakes were springing out all over the place. But I persevered.
To cut a long story short, It took 15 minutes and was so small and fiddly that mistakes were bound to happen, and they did. The worse one, having even stakes, which meant when I twinned the top it all went heywire. Still I finished it before my flowers wilted and they looked lovely.

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Hiya Guys and Gals, Just trying to get a site going all about crafts, basket weaving in particular. Hopefully the site will lead to other ventures. Trying to get ready for my retirement.. again :)

ohh my.. notice the mistake!!

i have arrived
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