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Debbie Drummond
Full time Las Vegas Realtor and Desert Rat who loves sunny warm to HOTTT Summer days in the pool. Mom to 2 dogs and 2 parrots.
Full time Las Vegas Realtor and Desert Rat who loves sunny warm to HOTTT Summer days in the pool. Mom to 2 dogs and 2 parrots.

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Should You Buy a "Flipped" Home?

Today's low inventory and rising prices encourages some buyers to consider a "flipped" home. In our latest blog, we look at the things you should be aware of if you're considering buying a property that has been rehabbed.

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Tonight's view, a little sun breaking through the overcast sky to light up the Strip. Shot from Centennial Hills, over 20 miles away.

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Home Maintenance Tips For Spring

After the cold Winter, it's a good idea to prepare our homes for the warm weather as we edge into Spring. +Nathan Garrett has given 16 tips to prepare your home for the changing climate on the +Rochester's Real Estate Blog.

You'll find links to resources from +Bill Gassett and myself. He includes an excellent round-up from +Luke Skar of +Inlanta Mortgage - Madison with contributions from +Coldwell Banker - Minh and Angela Duong +Paul Sian +Anita Clark +Lynn Pineda +Xavier De Buck and more.

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16 Spring Home Maintenance Tips
Yesterday was the first official day of spring, which means warmer weather is right around the corner!

Depending on the location of your home and the severity of your winters, it's possible that your home took a beating over the winter season.

Each spring there are some very important maintenance that should be completed. For example, it's a smart idea to have your air conditioning serviced prior to using on those hot summer days.

+Nathan Garrett has written a fantastic article over on +Rochester's Real Estate Blog that discusses 16 important home maintenance tasks to complete during the spring.

Check out these awesome tips at

There are some helpful resources in the article from +Debbie Drummond, +Bill Gassett, and an expert round-up by +Luke Skar of +Inlanta Mortgage - Madison with contributions from +Angela Duong, +Paul Sian, +Anita Clark, +Lynn Pineda, +Xavier De Buck, and a few others.

Please consider sharing socially if you believe others would benefit.

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Typical Home Buying Questions

Unless you're a professional house flipper, buying a home isn't something you do everyday. Even if you've owned several homes, the contracts used, the mortgage process, the housing market and many other aspects of the process change over time.

In our latest blog, we look at some of the Common Questions we hear from in-experienced and first time home buyers.

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Can't Miss Home Improvements For Your Home

+Just Close has given us some excellent suggestions for home improvements that really do add value. From curb appeal to windows, kitchens and baths, you'll find terrific suggestions.

They've added links to resources from +Bill Gassett +June Seebohm +Teresa Cowart +Total Mortgage Services +Greg Hancock +Paul Sian and yours truly.

#HomeImprovements #realestate
6 Home Improvement Ideas That Are Really Valuable

Home improvement ideas, whether big or small, can be a great way to increase the value of your home. Very often significant value can be added to a property through relatively minor changes. Many homeowners are opting to renovate their homes...

Check also related articles from +Bill Gassett, +June Seebohm, +Teresa Cowart, +Total Mortgage Services, +Debbie Drummond, +Greg Hancock, +Paul Sian.

Please share this post, if you find it useful.

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10 Terrific Tips For Selling a Condo

+Kyle Hiscock takes us through some of the extra steps involved in selling a condo and gives 10 tips to help you succeed.

You'll find links to additional resources from +Bill Gassett and myself. He includes a link to +Luke Skar's round up of Spring home selling tips that includes articles from +Anita Clark +Paul Sian +Lynn Pineda +Coldwell Banker - Minh and Angela Duong +Xavier De Buck and more.

#HomeSellingTips. #RealEstate
The Best 10 Tips For Selling A Condo
Selling a condo requires some additional steps and preparation when comparing to the sale of a single family home.

For instance, since the majority of condos are a part of homeowner associations (HOA), one important tip to selling a condo is knowing what the rules, regulations, fees, and potential assessments are! The HOA can make or break a condo sale in many cases.

Over on +Rochester's Real Estate Blog, find out what the 10 best tips for selling a condo are. The article can be found at

There are some additional resources throughout the article from, +Debbie Drummond, +Bill Gassett, and an expert round up from +Luke Skar on spring home selling tips with contributions from +Anita Clark, +Paul Sian, +Lynn Pineda, +Angela Duong, and +Xavier De Buck!

Please consider sharing socially if you believe others would benefit.

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The Truth About Who Attends an Open House

+Kevin Vitali took a close look at 15 groups of people who recently visited an open house. As he expected, only four of the groups were qualified buyers and they came with their agent. They would have scheduled to see the house even if it wasn't open.

Out of the remaining visitors, not one was qualified to buy. In his latest blog he discusses whether an open house will actually get your home sold. It's a must read before you clear out of your house on a nice afternoon so your agent can let a bunch of strangers in.

You'll find links to additional resources from +Bill Gassett +Kyle Hiscock +Dustin Brohm +Market Watch Inc and myself.

#HomeSelling #RealEstate
Will an open house really sell your home?

On a recent weekend I really scrubbed the buyers coming through an open house. I already had a good idea of what I already expected from years of experience.

Out of 15 groups of people coming thru 4 came thru the open house with their agent. These home buyers would have scheduled a showing irregardless off whether I had an open house or not.

The other 11 groups not one was qualified to buy. They were unqualified buyers deciding if they were going to jump into the market or sellers who were about to get their home on the market in the next couple of months and wanted to see what was out there or they were just plain curiosity seekers.

Out of that 11 not one was prepared to buy in the next 60 days. That certainly did not help out my seller who is looking to sell. Basically my seller opened up their home for people to use to gather information.

Also check out what +Bill Gassett, +Kyle Hiscock, +Debbie Drummond, +Dustin Brohm and +MarketWatch have to say about open houses in todays real estate market.

#openhouse #realestate #homeseller

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Entering Vegas from I-95 in Northwest part of town. Strip views from miles away. Newest master planned community, Skye Canyon, stretches almost to Kyle Canyon cutoff to Mt. Charleston.

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Marketing Strategies Real Estate Pros Use to Get Your Home Sold

Selling a home in the Internet age requires more than snapping a few pictures and posting in the MLS. In his latest blog, +Paul Sian shares some of the marketing strategies experienced Realtors may use to get your home sold.

You'll find additional resources from +Bill Gassett and myself. It includes a +Listly collection with articles from +Lynn Pineda +Kyle Hiscock +Andrew Fortune +Luke Skar +Anita Clark +Teresa Cowart +Just Close +Wendy Weir and more.

#HomeSelling #RealEstate #Realtors
Marketing Strategies Used By Expert Realtor To Sell Homes

Selling a home is not a simple matter of taking a few pictures, putting it on a few websites and thinking it will sell. The skills and strategies Realtors bring to home sellers means homes sell faster and for more money. Strategies that work in one neighborhood could result in total failure in the neighborhood right next to it. Realtors who work in your area are familiar with the different marketing needs of different areas. Some of the strategies used are explored in this article.

Included in the article are some excellent resources from +Debbie Drummond, +Bill Gassett and a +Listly collection featuring articles from +Lynn Pineda, +Kyle Hiscock, +Andrew Fortune, +Luke Skar, +Anita Clark, +Teresa Cowart, +Just Close, +Wendy Weir and many more.

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