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Moomba 2015 Fireworks
If it's March in Melbourne, it's Moomba! The carnival rides into town, with heaps of things to do for families, all topped off with a fireworks display at the end of the day. There was a strong wind blowing towards us, bringing all the smoke along with it, which made it less than ideal to photograph the fireworks, but it still made for a great evening to take in one of the many festivals that Melbourne has during this time of year.

This was post-processed using Lightroom and my custom presets for Fireworks.

#Moomba   #Moomba2015  +City of Melbourne +City Of Melbourne What's On  #melbourne   #Australia   #Victoria   #Fireworks   #fireworksphotography  
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Great photo.
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This Saturday Melbourne will turn on the lights and leave them on all night one more time, as White Night returns. This short film was shot last year during the second edition. After having done this twice, I have chosen to sit this year's festivities out to attend to a few other pressing matters. Nonetheless, if you are in the Melbourne area this weekend, and have not experienced this, I highly recommend that you do. 

A word of advice... the hours between 8p.m. and 1a.m. are the busiest. I recommend coming in after 3a.m. and not needing to line up for any of the exhibits.

Have fun!

#whitenight   #whitenightmelb   #whitenightmelbourne  
+City of Melbourne +City Of Melbourne What's On +White Night Melbourne +WhiteNightMelbourne +WhiteNightMelbourne  #Melbourne   #Victoria   #Australia  
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Midtown Manhattan from the Top of the Rock
This has been lying on my hard drive for several weeks now, and is from my trip to New York City in October. My cousin, sister-in-law and I had headed up to the top of the Rockerfeller Center on a somewhat overcast day. We didn't get the supremely clear views, but did come away with a nice dramatic scene as the lights began to come on around Manhattan.
#manhattan   #newyork   #newyorkcity   #newyorkcityphotography   #manhattanphoto   #newyorkphotography   #Cityscape   #urbanlandscape  
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Manhattan shot, taken from any angle stands out.Perfect capture!
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Looking for a Melbourne local photographer who might be interested to cover an engagement party for the friend of a colleague.
Anyone interested or know anyone who might be interested? Drop me a line and I'll put you in touch with the individual.
#Melbourne   #EventPhotography  
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Still need one :)
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Melbourne Star Observation Wheel
What does one do on a warm Christmas Night? This Christmas, I headed down to the Docklands and ascended the parking garage from where I got this vantage point of Melbourne's very own Observation wheel. The third in the world, after London and Singapore, it has had its share of issues. However, here's hoping that it holds together and keeps on turning. For all the negative talk of this tourist attraction, I, for one, would really like to see it succeed and draw more tourists down to Melbourne.
Right now, I hear that they are offering annual passes for Melbourne residents. I'm going to get mine!

This image was processed using my custom Lightroom presets for fireworks, which are available for a free download at

#Melbourne   #melbournephotography   #MelbourneObservationWheel   #MelbourneStar   #MelbourneStarObservationWheel  
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I've decided not to go out this evening... the crowds are always strong, and I feel like just chilling while watching the fireworks on TV tonight. This is from two years ago. The city is promising a far more impressive display. Here's wishing you all a great 2015.
#melbourne   #melbournephotography  
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Westbound on the Westgate
The bottom end of Lorimer street in 2015 is a somewhat unsung part of Port Melbourne. Yet, the parkland here offers one a sanctuary from the more popular areas of Beaconsfield Parade. This part of town also provides one access to both the Bolte Bridge, and the Westgate Bridge as seen here, carrying traffic across the Yarra and into the Western Regions of Victoria. This was shot with a Sony A6000 using a 10-18mm lens, using a cable release to achieve a nice long exposure. I plan to come back here at sunrise when there are some dramatic clouds on offer.
#Melbourne   #Victoria   #australia   #nightphotography   #bridgephotography  
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Ivan Andric
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The Ceiling of Grand Central Terminal

This image was shot with a Sony A6000 using a Rokinon 8mm fisheye lens.

The main concourse of Grand Central Station is covered by this elaborately decorated astronomical ceiling. The original ceiling was conceived in 1912 by French portrait artist Paul César Helleu. The mural was the creation of James Monroe Hewlett, Charles Basing and Paul Helleu.

The starry ceiling is astronomically inaccurate in a complicated way. While the stars within some constellations appear correctly as they would from earth, other constellations are reversed left-to-right, as is the overall arrangement of the constellations on the ceiling. For example, Orion is correctly and beautifully rendered, but the adjacent constellations Taurus and Gemini are reversed both internally and in their relation to Orion, with Taurus near Orion's raised arm where Gemini should be. One possible explanation is that the overall ceiling design might have been based on the medieval custom of depicting the sky as it would appear to God looking in at the celestial sphere from outside, but that would have reversed Orion as well. A more likely explanation is partially mistaken transcription of the sketch supplied by Columbia Astronomy professor Harold Jacoby. Though the astronomical inconsistencies were noticed promptly by a commuter in 1913, they have not been corrected in any of the subsequent renovations of the ceiling.

#Manhattan   #NewYork   #NewYorkCity   #NewYorkCityPhotography   #Architecture   #NewYorkPhotography   #ManhattanPhotography   #travel   #travelphotography   #fisheyephotography   #fisheyelens   #fisheyelensphotography   #fisheye  
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Paul P
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#WhiteNight  is coming back to Melbourne... February 21st. The city has begun promoting the event that lights up the city for 12 straight hours. This is from the first edition of this Melbourne annual event.

#Melbourne   #MelbourneWhiteNight   #WhiteNightMelbourne   #WhiteNightMelbourne2015   #WhiteNight2015   #timelapse  
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This is the last of my short films from my trip to the Untied States of America in October 2014. Los Angeles serves as my international gateway point when I travel there from Australia. In addition, an old friend of mine now calls this city his home.

During my trip here, he took me to a couple of places that I was curious about – Santa Monica Pier, and the Griffith Observatory. This is a really short time-lapse film – this is partly because I was really worn out at the end of my trip, and partly because I was in Los Angeles to catch up with my friend, rather than go chasing photographs.

This city will be there when I go back for my next trip, during which I will probably have more footage and a new film to share. Today, this is all that I have – just a brief glimpse of two locations from this City of Angels.

This short film was made from 1920 individual frames shot over 6 hours while covering 67km, and required 6 hours of post-processing to compile.

#LosAngeles   #california   #californiaphotography   #californiaphotos   #californiadreamin   #timelapse   #UnitedStatesOfAmerica   #USA   #griffithpark   #griffithobservatory   #santamonica   #santamonicapier   #SantaMonicaBeach   #LA  
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Nice work +Debashis Talukdar 
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Melbourne's New Year Fireworks
I am fortunate enough to have a view of the fireworks over the city from my apartment. This was shot a few minutes ago, pulled off the memory card, run through Lightroom using my custom presets, and is now my first image for 2015.

Happy New Year!

My custom presets are available for free here:

#happynewyear2015   #happynewyear2015wishes   #HappyNewYear   #nye2015   #NYEFireworks   #fireworks   #fireworks2015  
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