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Nearly 5 years ago, I jumped into a monogamous relationship. Now looking at the polyfamilies I knew from that era, it looks like someone spun a merry go round. long standing couples are broken up, families that were together are split or feuding, and there has just been so much change.

If I was still in the center of it I am sure it would look natural and gradual. but retrospectively the breaks all look big and significant.

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How to Easily Assess Writing in Google Docs

WriQ is currently a FREE tool that helps teachers assess writing in Google Docs. This Google Docs add-on helps teachers not only assess writing, including grammar, punctuation, spelling and more but also helps teachers track progress over time.

This is a guest post by Jason Carroll from +Texthelp

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In happy Kickstarter news, I am pleased to report that +Andreas Walters has done it again. My Baby Bestiary calendar arrived, with my copy of the book and a couple of awesome magnets. The only hard part was deciding if I want to take it to work, or have it at home.

Great job again, Thanks Andreas!

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I was looking for that Pokemon Go ball project and searching through Kickststarter and found this ""

I didn't know it was needed. Also, there are many many pokemon go related projects out there.

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I just did an in depth analysis of this project :
And the reasons it's not likely to fund, and why it's risky even if it does. (Discounting their core product to raise capital)

It's a friend of friends, someone it wouldn't be too hard for me to reach out to and offer advice. I'm sitting on my hands though, knowing that that sort advice is rarely well received.

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Question of you on Stretch Goals. You back a app project. ios is the main platform. They make a stretch goal of android development, and just clear the goal (goal was 150, they cleared 165.)

They're 2 years late on delivery and have just now released the app to the ios store.   (note the app isn't just an app, it's actually physical creation of distribution of a product - printing and mailing photos.)

Are they on the hook for the stretch goal?  My thought is that a stretch goal is just that, and sometimes it just doesn't happen. As long as they meet the original commitment, they've done enough.

What do you say?
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Stretch goals are not a comittment
Complete: Initial Goal & Stretch goal
Other: I'll comment.

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I sort of think the audience that would buy this, wouldn't spend the $89-$129 to buy this, no? How much would you invest for your Beer Pong adventures.

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I'm guessing Coolest is serial drama now? So Ryan's come back and asked for more money, again. He says he can do it, if folks who want their cooler chip in $97 more dollars each.

The backers are livid.  In a way, I think they're lucky. Ryan could have just tossed up a balance sheet showing where the money went , said "I fucked up, I'm out of here" and been done with it.  He's trying.
(Or he could have just stopped responding like most failed projects do) More details here:

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Well that doesn't look good

"We are in the process of identifying the right partner who can provide the capital and strategic resources to fund the remaining production of backer rewards and help grow the company to the next level. We’re not quite there yet, but it is moving forward. "

To say the backers aren't happy is an understatement.
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