This is the #timestamp version of Mondays with Myrt - 24 August 2015. Remember, you may click a timestamp and go directly to that portion of the Hangout on Air. We have included hyperlinks discussed during the show

00:00 » Myrt Welcomes the Panel and the Community
00:49 » Robin Foster "Just published on Saving Stories"

her blog

05:20 » Headline topics
08:00 » Drove to Williamsport PA for a Little League to meet with Sir +Michael Daniels
10:00 » Family Historian vs Professional or Certified Genealogist. Link to the "controversial" podcast:

36:11 » Who Do You Think You Are (US and UK Versions)
52:20 » Overview of the +DearMYRTLE Community
56:00 » Document in an Online Tree
1:11:55 » What Does SHE Say Study Group discussion
1:17:45 » Genealogy Bank experience with Randy
1:25:45 » Family Search Indexing
1:29:07 » AncestralQuest Software

1:37:20 » Upcoming Events

Practical, down-to-earth advice for family historians.

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