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Elizabeth Shown Mills, Evidence Explained: Citing History Sources from Artifacts to Cyberspace, 3rd edition (Baltimore, Maryland: Genealogical Publishing Company, 2015). [Book available from the publisher at and in digital format from the author's website]

Participants may be from all walks of life with varied levels of research experience. None need be citation experts, as all will follow Mrs. Mills' guidance articulated in this book and accompanying website. The author has not been asked to participate in this study group series. Additional information about EE, QuickLessons and a prolific discussion forum are found at


Fridays as follows:
14 Aug 2015 - EE - Chapter 1 Fundamentals of Evidence Analysis
21 Aug 2015 - EE - Chapter 1 Fundamentals of Evidence Analysis (continued)
28 Aug 2015 - EE - Chapter 2 Fundamentals of Citation
4 Sept 2015 - EE - Chapter 2 Fundamentals of Citation (continued)

Noon Eastern US (New York)
11am Central US (Chicago)
10am Mountain US (Denver, Salt Lake City)
9am Pacific US (Los Angeles)
UTC-7 hours

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We open the "green room" 15 minutes early if you'd like to test out your microphone and webcam. Consider JOINing the panel when we "scramble" to mix up the conversation a bit with new panelists

If you miss the live events, catch the archived version at your convenience:
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