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HERE's where all may VIEW and COMMENT before, during and after Mondays with Myrt - 21 April 2014. I'll post the link to JOIN the panel in comments below.
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Only a couple of hours before we have another Mondays with Myrt.

If you have any topics that you would like to have us talk about just leave your comments here and we'll see if we can bring them into the show.

I'll be watching for your comments HERE.

Hiya Russ, Just need my Monday injection of Sanity
Coffee's in the pot
Will get fresh water from the well - cool and clear
I'll Put out some mugs and a plate of cookies for when you guys come to call
Good to see you guys are here and waiting! Good morning
D. B.
Looking forward to a "live" Mondays with Mryt.  Had my coffee...ready & wired-notebook handy!  Doing a few chores while waiting...
I've got my tea and mini-bagels and waiting...:)
Got my tea. Working on breakfast. Ready to go!
How does one become certified for access to the new SSDI limited access information? And why would I want to?  If I'm already related to a recently deceased person, why would I need access sooner to the data than the three years they will make everyone else wait for the data to be released?
Magda N
My Monday off so this is fun !
on you tube and the google community and refreshing doesn't help. still Russ but Ok with me.
In was just looking a the page for the Wisconsin Historical Society, when somehow I fell out of the ship, captain Kirk
D. B.
My Challenge is ready...just not sure how to send with pictures...can't do Facebook...
I see a thumbnail of Pat and also a thumbnail of Dear Myrtle. Camera is on Russ.
You just hid all the joiners on the filmstrip.
Camera only on Russ, and we lost the lower third
thumbnail gone and seeing a comment by DB
From the community, I see DB, my challenge is ready.
When I did my 321 challenge, I was concerned about my conclusion having too much other information.  How much is too much information?  
Myrt, can see you and your screen share.  When you clicked the option to hide other video feeds we, in the community, can no longer see the filmstrip. 
Here is another crazy question!  I spent over a year trying to figure out what happened to an ancestor.  I finally figured it all out, but it would encompass several questions.  Can I do a 321 challenge that has several sections for each question where I do each step and then do a final step with a conclusion for the big question of what happened to my ancestor?  It would be fun to do, but I it would be several 321 challenges in one!
+Kristy Rhodes I am preparing a follow up to my 3-2-1 challenge post. When you start analysing things you find more to discuss.
Like to rejoin the panel at the sramble, please
+Hilary Gadsby That is true!  I put too much in first 321 challenge and so I updated it.  I posted it over in the facebook group if you want to see it!  I would love some feedback on my revision.  :)  Now I am going to work on one for my 3rd great grandmother's brother who was really hard to find!!  
haven't got any pictures on my blog
I think when you center pics they stay more in place.  I write my blog posts in Word and past in blogger, then add the photos. I always preview before posting.
I have been having trouble with blogger posting to my FB pages and groups. I used to be given an option on which pic from my blog to choose. Now it won't let me. I can upload a pic on the pages, but that option is not available for groups. Is it Blogger or FB? Anyway to get around it?
I blog to share my family stories with my family.
Cousin connections!! I've gotten so many through my blog!
A wonderful way to reach others and tell your family stories! If you tell it, they will come!
Would like to see you do a tutorial on Wacky Wednesday on how to do hangouts
Facebook has allowed me to communicate with family members in my ancestral village in Slovkia. I would probably never have known of them in other media or formats. Love it!
The blogging tips are very helpful. I'm thinking of setting up a blog to share family photos, stories and research. 
How about talking about writing your own obituary? I've seen this is more & more common. How about doing a Hangout on writing your own obit? :-)
can't see any comments re: blogging
Wordpress here... Would like the link to that blog you mentioned.
I use blogger!  My blog isn't public, yet!!  I have a great aunt who shared some pictures with me that I wanted to put on the blog and she thinks the internet is evil!!  I have it very private so that I won't get into trouble!  Well, I really want to share my information with more people.  I never blog about live people...well...most of the time!  I did post a picture of my two little ones with their 'laptops' working on their family history like their mother! 
Don't get those sort of numbers on my blog
Thanks Laurie, I'll check it out
I like the idea of Wacky Wednesdays. Is there a time earmarked for it yet?
Hooray! Found Russ's Community & have already asked to join (a couple of minutes ago!) Terrific!! (And I did it just like Myrt just demonstrated.)
You two have such great communities and blogs and there are so many other nifty genealogy blogs ... now tell me how do I expand the hours in my day to be able to VISIT all the different blogs and keep up with my own genealogy family tree AND do all the work around the house that I need to do???? This is a Very Important Question that needs to be answered. ::SMILE::
by the way...if anyone needs any death certificates 1915-1947 from illinois, I can pick up from the archives (i visit weekly)
I use the land and probate records browse collection for New York almost daily. Randy you did an excellent job explaining how to use the collections.
I don't see the blog post that Randy referred to
+Dave Robison -- Randy's link is a couple of posts back
Along the lines of Shannon's in depth guide to Richmond for the Genealogist: any suggestion for England (Kew?) for the Genealogist? Hoping to hop the pond this summer. So excited!
I am in the process of writing a blog post comparing my genealogy software programs Custodian 4, Evidentia 2 and Family Historian and how I use them and how I want to use them all together.
I've come to think of finding sources and making citations as the genealogy version of powering up in Mario Brothers.
D. B.
It's "out there" somewhere!  Did you get the challenge?
D. B.
Still learning how to use Evidentia...but so far I'm really satisfied!
I too am still learning evidentia.  If I miss "how to" fist couple of steps I have had great difficulty finding items even when I create it.
can we get an invitation to Wednesday? 
+Tamura Jones Thanks for the link. I'm at the site but get stuck immediately at "Step 2" which tells me to click the MANAGE tab below the blog name.  That's after Step 1 which is to log in and navigate the the DASHBOARD for the blog I'd like to transfer.  I simply can't find the word "MANAGE" anywhere!!  Any suggestions?
Hello all, I am watching mondays with myrt now and have a question for myrt. I am working on building my genealogical library and was woundering what the 3rd book is on your bookshelf, I.e. the 1st being The Source, the 2nd being progen but what is the 3rd?

One of the things I remember when I visited Richmond in the mid 1970's was the fields of tobacco along the road; such lush green fields. 
Sorry to miss you guys I was working in the garden pulling out trees lucky they weren't family trees
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