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This is where all may COMMENT on the Mondays with Myrt - 27 Jan 2014 episode.
A newsy, "across Myrt's desk" event, exploring all types of #genealogy research techniques, challenges, technology and such. Mondays with Myrt is about working together to get around those brick walls, sharing what we’ve learned in a relaxed format.
This Hangout On Air is hosted by DearMYRTLE. The live video broadcast will begin soon.
Mondays with Myrt - 27 January 2014
Mon, January 27, 12:00 PM
Hangouts On Air

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I will be looking at this posts for comments on Monday 27 Jan 2014.

If you have any topic's you would like us to address, please post your comment here.

Thank you,

Ready and waiting for another Mondays with Myrt. It is not a Monday without you and the panel.
As a reminder, this is where I am going to be watching for your comments for today's Mondays with Myrt (27 Jan 2014).

3rd cup of coffee is on my desk now, so, we're good to go.

All settled in and waiting with my hobbit Second Breakfast.
Hmm...gettting a "error occurred" on the screen for the Hangout.
I refeshed and up it came, so give that a try Bill
I am still learning Evernote.  I find that some of my pages are blank when i go back to view them.
YouTube seems to not be working- reports an error.
I keep having to refresh the livefeed to get it to keep playing, anyone else?
I have almost 50 surnames to organise at the moment as I follow each branch in every generation
So ... what was that address to send our books to Mark for scanning?  :)
I have scanner/printer envy now,,,,, :)
Sorry, I'm not with you all today. I'm sitting in the Family History Library spinning microfilm this week!
As a genealogist I understand why Mark does that, but as a booklover, I'm in deep denial..
finally found the comment page 
I have a family that it has taken land records over a span of about 30 years after the man died to put the family together
On Saturday, my mail lady delivered the Death Certificate of my great grandmother, Alice Matilda Cornell Davison!! Now I'm waiting for her probate packet to arrive.
I've been looking for this document for decades!
Pat, to zoom in on a Mac, you need to press down on both option & Command and Plus sign. To zoom out again click on Option,Command & the minus sign.
Last week, I was able to determine that our new neighbor is my hubby's half, fourth cousin. We ar all excited.
I've been searching more and building my tree on Ancestry for my mother's father's line. Now I have over 800 shaky leaves for these people.
I'm hoping that the probate packet on Alice M. Davison will lead me to land and property records to explain why and how she spent the end of her life in Woodbury, CT.
+Judi McDowell - We are having Camer Control issues today
I use findmypast a lot, but they're virtually the only site that has no collaboration features now. I have even made a proposal to them but they're not interested

Randy Seaver 12:41 PM
Here is a link to a California collection on FamilySearch that went to Ancestry -
The desxcription of this collection is:
"This Collection will include records from 1850 to 1945.
This index is an electronic database of information compiled from a variety of sources including the following:

Family Records
Church Records
Civil Registration
For over 30 years, volunteer indexers extracted this information from microfilm copies of the original records. In 1998, a few of the entries were published on 7 CDs by the Family History Department of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints as the "North America Vital Records Index." This index is an index of the births, marriages, and deaths throughout California. The index is not necessarily complete for any particular place or region."
See you all later.  The mail lady just bought me a large box of china and a large envelope with a probate packet. Hope you week is spendid.
They only extracted a portion of some records. for example the original marriage records might have the parents listed the extractors may not have extracted the parents names just the bride and groom's name and date of marriage
Reposting my YouTube comment: Happy early Birthday, Myrt.
I am so sad, Thomas gave me a free pass to Roots Tech and I can't use it because I can't go -- I was so excited to meet you all and get some more education!
What do I do to keep the stream here refreshed without going back and starting over?  Is there a setting or something?
I would love to see G+'s next feature update be the ability for comments to appear WITHOUT refreshing ... and then for us to be able to make comments on the same page as the HOA we're watching.  Am I asking too much?
Pat & Russ, I am on a Mac in Safari and " Events" is not on the bottom left. It is found 5 from the bottom, above "Hangouts."
I too hate to have to hit the refresh each time to be able to see new comments.
Karen, I, too, am on a Mac in Safari and "Events" IS last on the bottom left. Might have something to do with your Google+ settings.
I don't think I'll ever be hosting a Hangout.on Air. Just getting my computer turned on is about as advanced as I can get.
My comments are being refreshed automatically in Chrome on this thread of messages. Not necessarily in real time, but close
I lose the feed every time I go to type a comment here in the community
I think Randy is finding out like I did, the 52 Ancestor blog prompt is causing me a lot more work than I thought it would, cleaning up my Ancestor in my tree!  :)
Yes, same here in Safari, but I keep having to refresh because the hangout stops and I have to restart by refreshing
Amy Crow has put lots of us to work with this challenge.
I lose the feed for no apparent reason, sometimes I do not need to refresh but just wait a minute.
Yes, Linda, but we're making her work too trying to keep up with over 200 entries per week.
I'm on Chrome. I am going to watch this later. It just cut out again.  In my opinion the more you try to refine HOA for us the more problems we seem to have.
Thanks for the kind comments, Pat. We enjoy doing the LVUG Hangouts.
YouTube is having Hickups- Jean LAyton is having trouble with her HOA also.
RE: Board Meeting: can we keep our Board meeting private? We would not want all details of our Genealogy Board Mtgs to be shared public.

Dave Robison 1:24 PM
Our next NEAPG meeting will be a Hangout!
Walking the Berkshires...Got it! Thanks!
Short answer, +Karen Trearchis, yes.  You can make things so private that only you can view them, or completely public, and everything in between.
Thanks, we may need your support for hangout, too. Massachusetts Society of Genealogists, Inc.
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