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The Date in the YouTube ICON about, with the Play Arrow is wrong and we have not been able to correct it. The Real Date is:

14 April 2014

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Don't forget that IF we have a full panel (JOINers) we may do a Scramble, where we will ask some members of the panel and let the VIEWers know to join us in the Film strip.

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Cousin Russ
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My drunken (hic!) Samsung computer is up and running fine - so far - Should be, for apart from the hard-drive the engineers replaced almost everything else - Mainboard, CPU, Topcase with keyboard & DVD Drive.

The GOONS Conference and AGM is over for another year - Next year to be held 17-19th April 2015 at Forest Pines Hotel & Golf Resort Broughton Lincolnshire DN20 0AQ England.

BTW Our Tessa Keogh had a starring role via GOOGLE-PLUS (How super is that!)

Also Dick Eastman was the Keynote Speaker (in the flesh - so to speak) Well done Dick.

So if you guys are into One -Names studies take a look at One -Names studies on U-Tube and the GOONS website - Russ will tell you all about them - if you ask him

Will get the coffee pot filled and ready - C U soon 
I will be watching in the "peanut Gallery." I have my beverage of choice, water, ready and waiting for the fun to begin. The thermometer reads 72 degrees here in sunny southern New Hampshire
According to the Play Button, 38 minutes to go. Can't wait to see what we are going to talk about today.

I'll be watching for your comments HERE.

Cousin Russ
Sweet dreams Fiona. Thank you for the video call.
Room on the panel for five more! This is the time to test out our mic.  :)
It can also depend on whether it was religious or civil records for a while in England and US
Headset problem on my end today. Will be back in a bit.
I have seen in microfilm of original church records that actually list the double years for the months between Dec and Mar
D. B.
The French calendar made a change as well...I think around the time of their revolution.
I write in what I see; double date or month - date - year.
D. B.
You can find info on that in wikipedia...changes can be confusing in French research.
Dual dates (aka Double dates) are a particular case of a generic synchronised dates. Some parts of the world have 3 dates presented together.
I am excited for Elizabeth to join in the challenge!  I posted my challenge on the facebook page just a bit ago.  So excited to see Elizabeth's!
If you are using Legacy Family Tree, the help file explains how to enter double dates.
I am still working on my 3 2 1 Challenge. I need to figure out how to digitalize and over size certificate
You can always take a digital picture of the certificate and that might help get it in digital form and in a smaller size.  Good luck!
I'm still working on mine as well, because I've actually been busy with clients.  This is going to be a fun challenge.
It was hilarious; I loved the sermon.
I like the 3rd commandment anything is better than nothing
I loved #3!  I am a little OCD and I find myself not doing citations sometimes because I am afraid of doing it wrong.  Any citations is better than no citation!!!!
You might want to add an event Ie  quaker birth date and record what is in the record and then for the regular birth date be your interpetation
I think my favorite one was 3.  Thou shalt not be paranoid. Any citation is better than none at all.
A hand-held scanner is especially good for copying oversized certificates. You can just pass it right across the full length
FlipPal will allow for multiple scans AND it has a way to stitch that document back together
My problem with digitalizing the oversize record is a lack of the tools. I think I have the problem solved
D. B.
Started working on the Challenge but I have a question.  Do the three sources have to be legal documents or can they be original letters or handwritten entries into a Bible as well?
+June Butka I love your hat.  I'll let you know when I will be going to Washington.  It should be soon.
I am doing my 3-2-1 challenge on the year that my elementary school in La. was Integrated.  I always wondered what the newspaper and atmosphere was like.  I don't have any one present to ask so am trying to find newspaper articles and such to document this event.
Remember not to sweat the small stuff. In other words Minor typos in documents just need a small note of clarification to validate the document. 

Make a dated note of why in your opinion that "perhaps or possibly" why it is not related to your ancestor or is related and how you reached that conclusion.
I had found Randy's tree on ancestry. He had my daughter-in-law's grandfather in his tree.
The common ancestor goes way back to the 1700's.
Wow Russ!  My husband has a Hannah Rolf in his line too!  She was born in 1720....
Memorial card. in New Hampshire and surrounding states.
If we can go back far enough, we are all related.  :)  DNA has proved that.  There are the Adam and Eve haplogroups,  Genetic Genealogy: The Basics and Beyond by Emily D. Aulicino.  She describes these quite well in her book.
Congratulations, "Cousin Russ," on your new short topic community HOA. 
D. B.
+June Butka
I believe I have 2nd great grandparents in Monroe, NH.
I just looked at Randy's blog and figured it out.  My husband is a very distant relative!  If you look at the very bottom of that post you will see his relative..John Rolfe who married Mary Scubbard...John was a brother to Benjamin Rolfe born in 1638  and married Alphia Hale.  Benjamin is my Husband's direct ancestor!  
I am planning on making an old fashion braided rug.
in my husbands family we have rugs my father in law did on his loom (he passed away in 78)  one of those things I need to write down so my kids know where they came from
Interesting note:  Elizabeth Shown Mills' Facebook page's cover photo is Quick Tip 1:  Analysis & Citation.  [There's no such thing as coincidence.]
it is the ADD part of hangout on air.
+Lori Meyer Writing the stories of not only our ancestors, but closer to home is just as important. Those family events that are happening now; write your feelings and thoughts before time fades them away.
As I mentioned yesterday I am going to do a post about conflicting information.
My Nana did the braided rugs as well.  My Nana is my mother's mother.  We still have them.  In fact one may have save my mother's knees when she fell down the stairs.  She landed on her knees but on the braided rug.  See, they can not only look pretty and tell stories, but they can save lives.  :)
how to connect to a one name study for Davis or Garner or McClanahan?
My mother is a Howes and I use Paul's website quite often --- small world
+D. B. My only ancestor connection to Monroe, NH, to this date of research, is my ancestor mapped out the town for lots before it was a "town."  I will have to check out your surnames to my line.
Family Historian lets you use 1752 or the earlier 1582 date for the calendar changeover.
Sorry I missed today!  I didn't want to wait till the last day to bring my "stuff" to my accountant....
One of the groups I belong to invited 2 elders to our meeting to teach us the ins and outs ot FamilySearch.  And, unfortunately, they really weren't very well prepared.  They said that so much has changed lately, they haven't had time to keep up!!
that is what makes genealogy nuts such a close community ppl share with others in such a genuine way
Lots of folk use systems at work but are totally ignorant how to browse for historic records
D. B.
Wow!  My connection, not proved yet, is to the Dickinson family that came there when Monroe was still Lyman.  He is my current project...just got my MGP book and trying to catch up by reviewing the first you tube  hangouts.  Crossing fingers & attempting to write up a 3-2-1-Cite challenge.   Scary!!!
My laws family register database might have a link to your surname via our spouses all over the USA Canada Australia New Zealand but I think I am the premier LAWES / LAWS try a free lookup try via guild of one-name studies just Google GOONS
When I'm browsing collections, I use "halves".  If there's 700 pages, I start at 350 and decide whether I've gone too far or not far enough.  Then I go half again and again until I get there!
I often teach a class on FamilySearch.org and call it "The Hidden Treasures of FamilySearch.org"
You might find yourself on our blog lawes/laws. 
I like the P.I.W. Panelists in Waiting term.

Thank you for all the great feedback in the community, from the panelist and those who will add to this post after watching the you-tube video.

Well done everyone.
Try GOONS for your surname
glad you got you sober computer remember it is too young to drink
+D. B. I will look forward to reading your challenge entry. I do have a Dickerson "cousin" line I am still researching. Maybe we are "cousins."
D. B.
Wouldn't that be great?
May I ask a question?  Are Bible entries and original letters OK to use as sources in the Challenge?  Wasn't sure if they had to be legal documents or not.
+Jim Everhart Drinking's fine just steer clear of the Booze
"Look not on the wine when it is red, in the biteth like a serpent" or words to that effect
DB of course you may use any source (container) of information in your 3-2-1 CITE! Challenge. 😊
Sorry to drop out before the end. My machine hung on me.
+D. B. It looks like Pat answered your question.that it is alright to use your Bible source for citation/document. If you want to see the lines I am working on you can go to my Ragu Challenge link and view the active direct lines I am working on Dickerson is a "cousin line" for research after I finish the MGP 2 Study Group I'm participating in with Dear Myrtle.  I will have more time to spend on research type homework.
D. B.
Thanks!  Will do!
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Wow - those numbers are not what I expected
Engagement 9615

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Wow! That's amazing. I invited Gaines Smith to join the community, and he said he was approved. He may need a little help in knowing how to participate. I did tell him that he can watch afterwards and still comment and be part of the discussion. He's pretty quick to learn. Thanks for letting him join. He's a director at the FHC near Bradenton, FL. He's good peeps as some of my younger friends like to say. :)
I used to be at the Bradenton FHC as Patron Services Director under director Claire Walz. :)

If Gaines is online, I can show him now how to do Hangouts!
(not recorded). :)
I don't see him. He uses Skype a lot, so I'll leave him a message to send you a note when he is online and see if you two can get together. And Thanks. On Skype, he's Gaines L Smith, if you'd like to message him yourself. Sounds like you two have something in common. 
+Pat Richley-Erickson Outstanding reach. You help so many people. You touch our lives with such passion and professionalism that you inspires us to be the same way in our approach to research. I'm going to borrow to military slogans here: "Aim High/Be the Best You Can Be." That is what you have us doing. Thank you.
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