This is the #TimeStamped version of Mondays with Myrt for 15 September 2014. Remember that you can click on the TimeStamp and you will be taken to that portion of the Show. We will include links to any websites discussed during the show.

00:00 » DearMYRTLE welcomes you to Mondays with Myrt
00:38 » Celebrating Myrt's father's birthday with a family photo
01:10 » Randy's newest Grandson
01:48 » Myrt canvases the panel for what they want to talk about
08:13 » Comments from the community
09:09  » Preview of Wacky Wednesday
11:45 » WiFi Extenders

Amazon: NETGEAR AC750 802.11AC Dual Band Gigabit Wi-Fi Range Extender (EX6100)

17:48 » FHISO Conversation

19:54 » Kinship vs Cousins
22:40 » Andrew expands on FHISO and includes the Kinship issue
30:20 » What do we do when a website goes away?

Missing ProGenealogists’ Online Citation Guide question from Pam Sayre, CG,
answered by Drew Smith, one of The Genealogy Guys:


The Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine can help: (426 Billion web pages saved)

34:06 » Are you citing your sources with a generic format or a Template from your software?
37:26 » Transcribe or capture facts or events
41:45 » Can you add a person not related into your database
53:44 » Kinship vs Relationship

A.J. Jacobs Cousin Connections - Um, Not Really:

Cousins, Kinship, AJ Jacobs and King David:

1:01:15 » Dave and Randy are related
1:03:09 » Hilary about Google Alerts

Hilary Gadsby's website that she was sharing

1:17:59 » Lifehacker Post on Citations

Cousin Russ: Lifehacker’s Post about Inserting Citations in Multiple Formats Easily with Google Docs:

1:21:25 » How to publish to Google Drive

Google Drive – Drive Bunny’s Blog
Improved Publishing Interface for Docs, Sheets and Slides:

1:28:00 » Community comments about Cloud Technology
1:30:29 » John and his Blog

John Laws Blog

1:38:45 » Happy tree climbing, that's a wrap

JOIN us on the panel, VIEW and COMMENT about what's trending in the world of #genealogy. Practical, down-to-earth advice for family historians. It's all about sharing the latest info for finding documents providing evidence of those elusive ancestors.
JOIN us to discuss what's trending in the world of #genealogy . We start in about 2 hours. Already on the docket:
Coaching versus lecturing
- WiFi extenders
- Google Patent Search
- Telling your ancestor's story
- Online citation checklists
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