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Deanne Earle
Programme, Project and Change Consulting, Management and Delivery.
Programme, Project and Change Consulting, Management and Delivery.

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Observations from IRM's IBCT Forum, London
March 2017 saw IRM UK hold Europe's only Innovation, Business Change and Technology Forum, or IBCT for short, in London. As this was the inaugural event, it was designed by practitioners for practitioners. Chaired by Chris Potts , the programme was structur...

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Fa la la la laaaa
Season's Greetings From Deanne and the team at May 2017 bring continued business and project success

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New eBook: How to be a Good Project Manager
Last month I published my response to Rogerio Manso's question 'What is your best advice to be a good project manager?' If you haven't read it yet you can do so by clicking  here . The question was prompted by TimeCamp's list of the Top 123 Influencers in t...

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Book Review: Leading in a Changing World
In September I attended the Global WIN Conference in Rome. One of the plenary speakers was Keith Coats . A South African, he's now based in London and is a founding partner of TomorrowToday Global , a strategic insights firm. His plenary talk was on-point f...

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Business Change from IT Projects - Infographic

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What Is Your Best Advice To Be A Good Project Manager?
Recently I received an email from Rogerio Manso . He's involved in IT project management and also teaches others on the topic. Rogerio's contacting other subject matter experts around the globe because he's putting together a collection of advice that he'll...

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What Moving 6 Cubic Meters of Gravel Can Teach Us About Change
We’re doing some landscaping. It’s not a huge amount but it’s enough. Landscaping = change and just like any change, it’s exciting and a little scary all at once. What if we’re being too ambitious? What if we don't know what to do? What if, in the end, it d...

Hi everyone.
I'm Deanne, an ex-pat Kiwi who, after many years in London, now lives in Italy. Feel free to click on my name and follow the other links to find out more about who I am and the work I do. I'm interested in this course because I lead and manage a lot of international projects for and with my clients. I want to expand my existing knowledge and skills through others thinking and look forward to fostering some new relationships.
I hope everyone enjoys the course; I certainly plan to!

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Musings on Arras People's Project Management Benchmark Report 2016
The Project Management Benchmark Report from Arras People is a must read for all Organisations and anyone directly or indirectly connected to projects. I've read the 2016 report a number of times and find it particularly interesting for 4 main reasons: It's...

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11 Things for Clarity, Pragmatism and just the right amount of Disruption
Do you know what's happening across the organisation and what it means for your area of the business? Or do you rely on your employees to do the right thing for the business as a whole? These and a raft of other questions are frequently asked by Executives ...
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