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Dean McGee
Carting The Villages, Industrial robots, computers, genealogy, and Y-DNA are among my interests
Carting The Villages, Industrial robots, computers, genealogy, and Y-DNA are among my interests

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Any teachers out there? :-)

#EDU   #School   #Teacher   #Kids  

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What a way to preview a road trip!
Take a road trip on Google StreetView.

Someone figured out how to make interesting videos with photos taken from Google StreetView, and released their source code so you could do it, too. 

Here's their sample video:

Here's the source code:

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New Aerospace Drilling and Deburring Robot

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#BAFact: Full Moons occur 29.5 days apart, so we sometimes get 13 full Moons a year. Like this year!

Since the Moon takes about a month to circle the Earth, you might expect to get 12 full Moons per year. But the time it takes the Moon to cycle through its phases is actually 29.531 days. That means we get 12.37 full Moons a year... or, if you prefer, an extra full Moon about once every three years. Today, December 28, is the 13th and last full Moon of 2012. 

If you're a math nerd you'll have fun reading how this works, because I'm a math nerd and I had fun writing it!

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New FANUC R-30iB controller features 4D Graphic Teach Pendant

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Amazing technology!
Today's TED Talk: It seems like a dream of the future: Drug treatments tailored exactly to your body and your needs. It could be closer than you think. Nina Tandon shows her research in tissue engineering for extremely personalized medicine.

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If you find yourself alternating between typing and eating, you might be built like a blogger. Here's how I tapped into +Fitbit to lose 20 pounds, get more active and have fun doing it. Take control.

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What if money were no object?

Alan Watts talking in 1960. 

(Props to +Open Culture)

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The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 2012 was awarded jointly to British researcher John B. Gurdon and Shinya Yamanaka from Japan "for the discovery that mature cells can be reprogrammed to become pluripotent".

• Human induced pluripotent cells (iPSC) are stem cells made from ordinary (non-embryonic) skin cells that are given a transformational cocktail of four genes (cMyc, Oct4, Klf4, and Sox2). This allows reprogramming into any adult cell, such as human brain cells shown in the image on right. See a short video describing this in an earlier post on Dr. Yamanaka winning the Millenium Technology prize ►

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Why is the sky dark at night?

A simple question, a very profound answer. And it's simply explained by the good people at Minute Physics.

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