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Thanks +Jamie Redman for shining a spotlight on the students!
Chicago Students Get Free BTC For Educational Purposes

The Blockchain Education Network (BEN) has announced a #Bitcoin airdrop to four Chicago Universities today. This year BEN’s “Back-to-School Blockchain Initiative” has spread to more cities than ever before to show students the power of cryptocurrency.

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Major credit to Brett Scott for creating this master list of research papers discussing bitcoin & blockchain technologies.

If you are looking into writing a paper about this industry but don't know where to start, check out if this list can help start you with the right context.

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Imagine if the sharing economy was used to solve hunger in the US. Get ready to #hackhunger  with Unsung!

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The +College Cryptocurrency Network recently hosted (with help from +BitGo, Inc.) a month-long blockchain hackathon throughout November to incentivize students to develop blockchain tech. 

My brother +Steven Masley and his roommate from RIT created a disruptive identification system. Using +Factom Project to create entries in bitcoin's blockchain, they were able to create a new ID system that has higher security standards than implemented at a majority of institutions and at a fraction of the cost.

Check out what students across the world are creating and engaged in by following

What are the best ways to play MTG online with strangers?

I haven't tried in awhile, but is cockatrice still the best method for doing this? I find their client rather clunky and was bummed that lotus was shut down.

What methods do you guys use?

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This was a very good analysis of modern day cultural priorities and expectation. I throughly enjoyed this outsider perspective. 

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The +College Cryptocurrency Network is hosting a month long digital blockchain hackathon accessible across the world. The #BorderlessBlockParty , sponsored by +BitGo, Inc., has a 1st place prize of 1 week in Ibiza, $1000, + 3 months membership to Rise. #bitcoin   #blockchain   #hackathon  

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+CoinTelegraph just published my opinion piece about the benefits of locking services! Let me know what you think! #bitcoin  
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