Back in early 2015, I remember getting drug into a very small hangout with a bunch of very concerned people. The topic? The Washington Monument had just been chosen as a shard target, and the knowledge wasn’t public yet. Over the next 2 months, we went from worrying that we’d disappoint our Resistance family across the globe, as DC was a historically green city, to dominating the event, scoring 13 shards ourselves, and helping Rotterdam hold the Enlightened to a shutout on their target. We watched our collective efforts become the definition of Resistance pride for years to come, and almost 2 years later, 13-0 and the Washington Monument still shine as a source of pride for our team.

Following the success of Shonin Shards, I realized just how special the community within the Resistance was, and how amazing what we had, not just at a local or regional level, but what it meant to have a true global community. With the emergence of new Shards, once again I feel the anxiety, anticipation, and excitement over such a cool and unique event.

If you feel panicked, know that it is without warrant. There is nothing but fun, memorable, and amazing experiences ahead. Nothing leading up to this point can compare you for the rush of linking that well fought shard off to Europe after a 3 day battle, or slamming it home after inching your way across each well-fought jump. If you feel uncertainty and worry, breathe. The Resistance has your back. With our community behind you, you can never fail. If you are excited and anticipating the fun ahead, simply want to get involved, head over to ! We’ve compiled a great rundown of the upcoming event, and a signup to get involved.

Previous Shard events really define the Ingress experience for me, an experience I’ve come to treasure over the 4 years I’ve played. I’m hopeful with this new round, new faces can experience just how great Ingress can be.

DC Shards AAR:
Thanks to +Shelly Bowman +Joshua Kight for letting me steal your pics (you don't mind, right? ;D )
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