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Negotiator | Consultant | Debt Collector

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If you use accrual basis accounting, you may be wondering which of your debts you should write off as “uncollectible.” The IRS doesn’t have any hard and fast rules for this, but at Kaplan Group we have some suggestions for how you can determine if you’ll be paid or not.

Of course, at the Kaplan Group our goal is to make it so that none of your invoices are uncollectible. We’ve helped hundreds of businesses like yours collect unpaid receivables and have come to learn which methods work best. Let us know how we can help you.

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There’s so much to do at the end of the year, adding more to your list may seem absurd, but there’s good reason to do so.

As a collection agency we see a lot of companies neglect very simple tasks that could make it easier for them to collect money they are owed. Before 2016 is over check out our list of five items that will make collecting money in 2017 easier for you and your staff.

Remember, at the Kaplan group we’ve helped hundreds of businesses like yours collect unpaid receivables and have come to learn which methods work best. Let us know how we can help you.

Thanksgiving is a time to stop and take a moment before the chaos of December begins. Here at The Kaplan Group, we are thankful for all of our clients who allow us to become their trusted debt collection partner.

We especially appreciate our clients that take the steps in their Account Receivable procedures to make their accounts as collectible as possible: accurate contact information and documentation, good contracts, credit checks for new clients, and turning over accounts to collections sooner than later. Read this month’s blogs to learn more about what to do to improve collectibility of your accounts.

The Kaplan Group has been helping businesses get paid on delinquent invoices for twenty-five years. Join our ever growing list of satisfied customers and get your money!

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On Halloween your biggest fear should be running out of candy. But for many business owners a pile of unpaid invoices lurks around the corner ready to hurt the bottom line.

We shared three of our scariest collection stories with the folks at Amex Open Forum. Read to find out how you can solve collection problems before they start.

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It seems like an obvious solution. If a client isn’t paying you, you should stop working for that client. But how do you get paid once you’ve fired someone for not paying you?

Knowing how to collect money from a client, both before you terminate the relationship and after, will help you ensure that one unpaid invoice doesn’t multiply. Check out our most recent blog post, When Unpaid Invoices Force you to Fire a Client, for tips on this sticky situation.

Collecting money can be hard. At the Kaplan Group, since 1991 we've helped thousands of businesses like yours collect unpaid receivables and we know which methods work best.

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How often have you heard that your customer is experiencing cash flow problems and therefore can’t pay?  Would you welcome a new response to this typical excuse?  We’re betting you would and that’s why we have created an Alternative Finance Directory which contains over 700 funding platforms.  Now when your customer cries poor, you can send them to our website to get that much needed cash infusion and get paid!!!

In 2015, alternative financing is expected to reach $34 billion.  Direct your poor payers to this burgeoning marketplace to get the financing they need from true lenders so they stop using your business as their personal bank.  

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The Kaplan Group is pleased to announce that Pedro A. Rodriguez, a junior business management major at Miami Dade College, is the winner of the 2015 $1,000 scholarship.  This is the second year of what has become an annual scholarship which was designed to introduce students pursuing higher educations in business or law to the exciting but largely unknown  opportunities available in the Credit Industry.  Participants were asked to write a 600 word essay on one of two prompts:  Should a company file a lawsuit against a customer or Which financial statement was the most important in a personal work experience.  Mr. Rodriguez submitted an excellent essay about a job he had in the media industry.  This week’s blog showcases his essay.  We congratulate Mr. Rodriguez on a job well done!

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If your company operates globally, then you may sometime face a past due invoice in a country other than your own.  This can seem like a daunting problem.  Read our blog to learn about how international B2B collections work and tips on how to find a reputable collection agency even when you are literally on the other side of the planet!

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If you knew that by spending as little as $40/month you could provide your company with more than a million dollars of additional working capital, would you do it?  We’re betting the answer is yes!  Read this blog to find out how Airtech Corporation was able to free up $2 million, reduce DSO by 30% and decrease bad debt expense.

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Read our guest blog on to learn tips on how to prevent bad debt.  No company wants to have their cash flow adversely affected by customers who do not pay on time.  With a few hours of effort to set up credit and collection procedures, you can largely avoid bad debt and our blog tells you how to do it!
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