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Do you ever spend time cleaning up your Google Drive?
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Yes, as I put things into it.
Yes, fairly regularly.
Only when it becomes a disaster.

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Nora explores the High Sierra.
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Monterey Bay Aquarium seems to have it's stuff down.
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So, like ten years ago, Marvel Comics started a set of books based in a parallel universe to their normal characters; the Ultimate imprint.  Most of the same characters exist, but the back stories all fit together much more cleanly, there's actual continuitiy, and the writers can do whatever they want (it's a limited-length run).

The Ultimate Thor storyline is so much better than the current movies, I often wish they would have used it instead of the scripts they went with.  

I think the Thor movies are pretty good when Thor is on Earth, and pretty boring when he's in Asgard.  Thor is hilarious in everyday situations, like taking the subway.  The romance in the movies lacks pretty much any chemistry whatsoever.  And you've got a stash of superhumans in Asgard that should be nigh invicible, but never are.

In the Ultimate Universe, superheroes are mostly made, not born.  As part of the European Super Soldier Program - kind of the EU's counterpart to building a Captain America - they find this guy.  They build their program around him; a funny looking vest that lets someone fly, genetic alterations to the guy to make him strong and nearly invicible, and a combination lightning generator/teleporter the size of a cinder block.

Bear with me.  The guy then goes and has a psychotic break, probably because of the genetic experiments they ran on him.  He thinks he's Thor, son of Odin, warrior of Asgard.

One storyline is that he's always thought this, and never admitted it; he's a God, made man, repowered to be a near-God.  

Another storyline is that he really is Thor, and always was Thor, but his brother Loki remade reality to invent the whole Super Soldier program; his brother made up a story where Thor goes nuts so that Thor gets stuck in a psych ward.

At some points, although not many, Thor's not sure if he's nuts, or if Loki's dicking with him.

It's a hell of a lot more psychological, and best of all, plots built around this are possibly a lot more interesting than a literal God of Thunder.  There's no need for Asgard outside of Thor's head, and he stays on Earth.  He almost never talks to a female lead; the horribly misbalanced female lead isn't in the story.  And as the audience, you don't know if the story is real, or just in the poor guy's head in the hospital, which works for me.

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Now that's a business model. 

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So, I bought the game Civilization Revolution, for the XBox.  It's pretty good; not as complicated as the desktop versions, but still fun to play.

The thing is... the way they've drawn the three female leaders in the game (Cleopatra, Elizabeth, Catherine) is pretty damn awful.  Or, badly sexist, since all three of them look like they had boob jobs turned to 11.  Why?  Which demographic are you trying to get with that at this point?

Seriously, WTF??

Hi, LazyPlus.

I like science fiction.  I've read most of Scalzi, some of Stross, actually all of Heinlein, but I'm so-so on the Culture novels and absolutely meh on most fantasy, including Game of Thrones.  Ready Player One was okay, but wrote itself, and Jim Dodge's book Stone Junction is great (but not sci-fi, so much?)  Asimov is a bit dry, Bradbury is fantastic, but I've run out, and the world is better off with William Gibson as a writer.

What should I be reading?  What did I miss, or what's new?  Amazon keeps recommending me direct-to-Kindle books, which are hit and miss with the emphasis on miss.

Okay, props to Kickstarter.  They lost their encrypted passwords, and announced it.  I sent an email back "were the passwords salted?"

Twenty minutes later: 
1. The oldest passwords are sha1; if you haven't logged in in quite awhile, this is it.  (Didn't say if it was salted or not.)
2. The rest are bcrypt, which is salted.

Props for actually answering questions when asked from random users on the internet; well played.

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Anyone know what just happened to this Mac?

So, some news, and a whole lot of change coming up.

1. Kelly and I are having our first kid in July, if everything keeps going right. Win.
2. There's a hell of a job lined up for me... at the main office at work. Basically managing and improving process for the Search teams.
3. So in about a month, we're jumping in the Subaru, driving it to California, and parking it there. 

It's not a set of choices without some pretty huge tradeoffs. I don't want to move farther from my family, but it puts us closer to Kelly's family, so we still have babysitting help around. Doing it in a month is also a trick; we have a large house... that needs to fit into a 800 sq ft apartment, it seems like.

Here goes.
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