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Fun to be around..... I hope!
Fun to be around..... I hope!

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For those that are having issues with your Nexus 6P and audio skipping using Bluetooth with your GM vehicle, I have something for you to try.

On my 2014 Chevy Equinox, when I first set up Bluetooth it asks for permission to access my texts so it can display them on the screen. It's a nice option, and I usually say yes, but it can get annoying.

This afternoon, while waiting for my wife and daughter while they were shopping, I decided to turn off Message Access. I then decided to stream Google Play Music, and the skipping was gone; perfectly clean audio.

Just to be sure I rebooted the phone and turned off and on the car, then once Bluetooth connected I started streaming my favorite blues radio station on TuneIn Pro. Once again, perfect audio.

This may or may not work for you, but it's worth a shot. 

Well, my factory reset yesterday exposed the Bluetooth issue with my Chevy Equinox. Music skips every 4-6 seconds now.

I really hope 7.1.2 fixes it. If it doesn't, I hope Google understands that I will replace my phone before I replace my car. #JustSaying

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Updated the phone on Sunday. The phone was fully charged, jumped down to 82% suddenly, and now is hanging on to 82%. Just to confirm, I just finished playing a15 minute YouTube video.

This can't be good.....

UPDATE: Clearing the cache didn't work, and neither did two other restarts. However, a full factory reset seems to have did the trick. Not fun, but my phone is pretty tame as far as apps go. YMMV

I decided to do some more research on the battery drain on my Nexus 6P. Nothing fancy; more like paying a bit more attention to the percentages at certain times.

NOTE: I'm not having the issue where it will be at 45% then drop to 0% instantly. Mine is more of a drain of about 8-10% per hour with Android System and Android OS being the main culprits.

Just speaking for me, I noticed that my battery drain happens when I am at my work wireless network. The thing is, it's JUST my work wireless network. It does not happen when on my home wireless, nor at two of my friend's home wireless routers.

Me and my friends use the generic Cisco N300 and N600 routers. My work uses an Asus RT-AC68U. I upgraded the firmware on the Asus, but it didn't seem to make a difference. It also didn't make a difference whether I was connected to the 2.4 or 5 Ghz network.

All I know is when I'm connected to work's WiFi, my battery drain is 3-4 times of when I'm not connected, or when using WiFi at home or at a friends. On a full charge, it'll tell me 10-11 hours on WiFi, and 1.5 days when not connected.

I haven't tested it at public or Time-Warner subscribed hotspots yet, mainly because I'm usually on my phone doing stuff when subscribed. I will try and leave it alone at my favorite restaurant sometime to see what it does.

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Sorry Allo, but it's not cool emojis where you should be putting your time into. A mostly worthless app with cool Star Wars emojis is still mostly worthless.

You have an opportunity to do so much better..... 

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Deleting the Facebook App Could Save Up to 20 Percent of Your Android's Battery Life.

This was my first real road trip on Project Fi. I drove from SE Wisconsin to the Fort Knox/Radcliff, KY area, then to Nashville, and now I'm in Evansville, IN.

Overall I am very happy. Service has been good to great on all of the carriers. LTE coverage was excellent in the cities and decent in-between.

My only issue was on I-65 between Elizabethtown and Bowling Green, KY. A couple times the Sprint coverage was near nonexistent (1X and no bars), yet the phone didn't try to switch to T-Mobile. I manually switched to T-Mobile myself, so it wasn't an problem - just thought it was interesting. I know US Cellular doesn't have native coverage in KY so probably would have tried to roam on Sprint if I tried.

I finish my trip back to SE Wisconsin tomorrow, where I'll be taking US-41 to Chicago; a route I've never taken before. Not exactly the fastest way home, but sometimes it's the journey, not the destination.

Just wanted to offer my first impressions of Allo.

First, I use Hangouts for both IM and SMS/MMS because I'm on Google Fi's service. There is really only one person I IM chat with almost every night, and a group of four people where we use Hangouts to get together to talk (no video) while playing World of Warcraft. Since we all have Android devices and Google accounts, Hangouts is the perfect method to do that.

My friend that I decided to use Allo instead of Hangouts last night. We both like the interface, and when it got to the point where we could use Google's AI, having the answer appear on both sides simultaneously was pretty awesome.

The down side (which I believe Google will resolve in the near future) is being able to chat on multiple devices, including the PC. I know it wasn't promised when Allo came out, but to be honest, if you're going to build something that is planned to replace Hangouts for the average user, then I think Google needs to make it as good as Hangouts for what most people use it for.

It's not there yet, but I also don't think Google wants it to be there yet. In my opinion, Allo is a project like Project Fi was when it first came out. Google knows it has to get better, but it's on us to help them by trying it and giving our opinions.


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Panoramic of a beautiful rainbow. No editing. Love this phone! 

It's here.......... the completely unnecessary plethora of screenshots to somehow prove that people have received the Android 7.0 Nougat upgrade.

Don't get me wrong, I think it's great that you're getting it. Also, I'm not mad that I'm not getting it yet..... I realize that I will get it someday.

But please respect others so we, as the other users, don't need to see it in order to know it's coming. A screenshot or two is one thing, but I've past by 10-12 on my screen right now, and that's just not necessary.
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