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A bunch of photo spheres I took in Korea
Photospheres from Korea
7 Photos - View album

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A preview of some updates I've been working on to the starfield view. Also, my first attempt at making a view of the game :)

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You guys are awesome :)

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This is hilarious! A game where you have to clean up after a FPS match...

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This is what happens when you cut NASA's funding: ducks beat us to it.
Oh, great. Now there are ducks on Mars!

I told you earlier about the "rats of Mars" -- extraterrestrial rodents sighted by conspiracy theory types spotted in NASA photographs. Well now they're seeing ducks!

Unlike Earth ducks, the ducks of Mars live in caves!

The existence of Mars ducks is great news, because it means any future astronauts building a colony on Mars can look forward to all the foie gras they can eat -- and well beyond the reach of PETA.


A quick word on my email habits.

In the past, I've tried to reply to every email that people have sent, and every post that's appeared here, as well. But unfortunately, I don't think that's a very sustainable practise for me... I'm getting 15-20 emails a day now, and I seem to spend more time replying to them all than actually working on the game.

So this is just to let you know that if I don't reply to your email, it's not because I haven't read it, or that I don't think your bug report/feature request is worthwhile. It's just that I'd rather spend more time working on the game :)

Also, I'm planning to adjust my email/post-reading habits so that I do it only once every couple of days, rather than every day, so that I can have more solid blocks of work-time (it's generally better to work 3 hours in one block than 1 hour in 3 separate blocks). So if you have an issue that requires urgent attention, please put the word "URGENT" in the subject, otherwise I might not get to it for a few days.

I'd also ask that you make sure your "URGENT" emails really are urgent (e.g. "server down" is urgent), I'm sure you've all read The Boy Who Cried Wolf :)

Thanks everyone for the continued support, hopefully you can understand where I'm coming from here.
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