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Adventurer with a billion tabs open

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Open Badges (Australian New Zealand) Community call tonight. Come along and learn about using this in your classroom -

Check the gradebook Emma. Good luck with the exam

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And this ...

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Powerful art.

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Im trying to crowd-source recommendations for classroom games under ten bucks. please add your recommendation. Short form, link to responses.

Thanks for all 29 members of this group. In a scary coincidence, there I had 29 presentations for the CIC item. Now to get the results back to you as fast as I can ... take care S2 2014, and good luck.

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My lecture on Social Media (and technology) is up on - You're free to download and copy it, or play along at home.

Question in my email today: Hello Dean 

devise a problem concerning education and either media, popular culture or technology

We need to devise a problem concerning either education and media, education and popular culture or education and technology? 

The answer is:

You are studying education; therefore your options are education+media or education+technology or education+popular culture. Obviously these things overlap - however, your problem in the form of a driving question should make it clear what your focus is from the outset. Read about what driving questions are and look at some examples in Edutopia.

Now we're into the second half of semester, the course swings into Project Based Learning mode. This means things change, such as attendance and comms. I'll be posting info and answering questions here ... Thanks for joining the community.
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